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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear gardeners and truck farmers with you Tatiana I'm glad to everyone welcome to your channel a productive garden today's video I want to tell you about one small tricks which will get you big harvest zucchini like this looks zucchini at me on June 20, 2017 zucchini I grow in mobile beds I have boxes for you showed about it video and last year and this year zucchini
  • 00:30: husband eat somewhere with end of May beginning of June first time zucchini I grew up in row spacing but since they are very greatly expanded and that is, bushes are already began to interfere with the passage somewhere on the 5 of June 7 we they were open ground and despite cold and rainy the weather is squash very well fructifies already for is sufficient long time this is Sparka's squash
  • 01:00: or rather a hybrid the field itself and May fructifies in any the weather is no rain what bad weather practically does not influence on the productivity of this hybrid spots that you see on the leaves this is the starting feature they signs of illness the variety bears fruit almost to the very frosts in this box I have one bush grows zucchini in this box I have two
  • 01:30: plants zucchini as you can see ovary very much and feel zucchini is beautiful despite cold weather care for the marrow is not very easy water me practically not accounted for as every day go rains and feeds I'm 1 7 10 days infusion of green fertilizer that is it infusion cast herbs from calculation 1 a liter of this infusion for 10 liters of water and I also feed
  • 02:01: ash that is a glass I make ash in 10 liters of water and water it's all wet the ground under the root of the hall and infusion of green fertilizers I alternate a now I want you to tell about little cunning which will allow you receive very a large number of fruits from one bush as soon as you have will begin fructification on bushes and go the first zucchini necessarily the first two or three fetuses break in a small
  • 02:31: amount that is not let them grow up more than ten centimeters that is they should be here so young and this little one trick will allow you get a huge number of zucchini with believe one bush I already checked it repeatedly and in general Try not to give outgrow the zucchini because it drains the bush so that I advise everyone this simple and very effective method which the really works and allows receive very a large number of
  • 03:02: fruits from one bush I hope my today's tips you will be useful if you like my today's video do not forget to put like and subscribe to my channel expressing on the garden with you was tatyan to all good to all excellent mood rich harvests and all bye bye [music]