The EDGE DOES NOT TWIST! Processing of edge of a cap bin

The EDGE DOES NOT TWIST! Processing of edge of a cap bin  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] [applause] Hello everyone I want you in this video show how handle the edge a cap-beani by all of us favorite beanies hats we all know when we their knitting this is the edge starts with us this is how to twist especially when here such viscous facial
  • 00:30: loops today to you want to show how handle the edge here crochet with us you get this beautiful edge is this specifically the cap I knitted from yarn nama her delicate or delicate mohair now I do not remember exactly early water in 3 strands such a little bit fluffy on it Here it turns out edge
  • 01:01: I still have this the same way processed such beanie it is tied from yarn alize cotton year is simple cat of the year there is still plus she'll pull it thinner that is, here look at here it turns out this beautiful neat edge and he did not twists say honestly that not at all not on all yarn this one
  • 01:32: The way it works now I'm already of course I do not remember at some Yarn I edge also twisted anyway that is album case before than start knitting hat if you will be count on such method is still tie the pattern here here untied sample it from me yarn alize lanagold classic in my opinion
  • 02:03: is called here here this edge already processed here so he will be with us to look like and the one that I shut this up edge we have that I typed that is if we will knit with you we were with you knit her up and behold this edge is with us will be like this look like now I'll show you as we will ourselves crochet to get here such a beautiful land
  • 02:34: of course here suffers a little elasticity from this the edges but he as you can see a little bit all the same stretches I will not say that straight it is generally this is not stretching but according to compared to untreated because it stretches stronger but this stretches a little less but in any case I I see a plus in this that the edge of the cap time he did not will not stretch out It will be stretched and will not be
  • 03:04: ugly wavy edges then he always has you will be like this beautiful simply the only thing that processing we with you will not be strong frighten to do therefore elasticity after all it will be preserved and so let's get started I do not want to break off a thread will I have a circle glomerulus and then stayed this pattern will dissolve so we 'll start suppose we represent
  • 03:34: that us a cap in a circle we will start with where we have by you began in the booth the tail of ours is sticking out we work the hook pull out the thread we pulled out now yourself in a whirlwind hook you see us go such pigtails so here pigtail here pigtail that is between them we we will stick here
  • 04:04: we got it this way that he first stuck in half on and the country will begin here between pigtails as there publish so now I'll try focus guide here does not work out and so I hope that we can see you will knit conventional connecting posts that's why I'm typing The hook between this pigtail draw a thread and
  • 04:35: she immediately held it out through the loop which we were already on the hook here we have one more the loop formed re-enter the hook you see between pigtails close to this edge along which we you here this cord and will build and again dragging loop to strongly We were not dragged out edge we are with you loop a little bit here
  • 05:06: so here we draw and we continue we enter the hook pick up the thread and we introduce the same and this loop formed in the the loop that was on hook again enter between plaits pull and again pulling through loop like this with us you get more
  • 05:39: once enter pull through loop slightly pull out loop to avoid was very tense again between pigtails and pull through a loop of 3 is obtained edge now we are with you to we knit till the end and we will see to curl up with us
  • 06:09: you edge or not but although I already have showed that the edge of us specifically on this yarn yarn a year is not twists mean on this yarn method working became the heart of a
  • 06:44: we have gotten to you before end and now look the edge is not at all twists see night of course this do it because you I sample you there you cap will already be bound in a circle naturally to the east so to curl up already will not be here and here is the whole method
  • 07:16: very simple but at the same time same time looks very very beautiful is there anyone suddenly will want to lay another a number that is , such the way we are with you will go down also connective and went then that is the same way
  • 07:47: as we knit together this series is so simple farewell here at me cat catches flies rushes everything down here that is, the edge will be such decorative beautiful continue not to
  • 08:20: I will put it will be like this I hope this is the video was for you useful subscribe to my channel to new meetings bye Bye