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  • 00:00: just fight and my channel today want start their match little santa barbara knitting Here's the one here bunny it will be a child plaid in technique from the corner in a corner and here such the yarn came to me let's get closer to you show her and tell her then I'll start with black skin color
  • 00:33: the noise is not the first one shade 60 this is alize baby wool all yarn me alize baby wool here is 50 grams for 175 meters and recommend hook from 1 to 3 spokes from two and a half to four such I took the mote 2 next I have such is the pink 194 shade by
  • 01:03: characteristics of the same the very one hitch I took took so 119 dark gray one hank and 52 such lighter 2 ma. next green tint 41 1 coil redheaded 449
  • 01:35: by the way very pleasant the color is not very I liked one skein one skein white yarns color fifty-five and five coils here such an elephant yarn shade 01 elephant the color of yarn I will bind the main background background that bunny white, but I decided that this will be such too interesting
  • 02:05: look, that's why I took him on the background and what i want to offer I want to suggest very very very more simply mega detailed master class as I said this is a whole series will be up to santa barbarians, I will be each spend a week video that is right on next straight on squares to whom it will be interesting visite together with me in
  • 02:35: principle all colors what will be needed I use you showed yes what else would say if to me suddenly not enough some kind of yarn I her I will order but while I try bypass the fact that I have and in the end we with you let us a great result to our track those who will knit this plaid in my opinion master class below the video leave a link to
  • 03:07: hashtag where you can lay out their photos with hashtag which will be there plaid will be called a gray hare and that Well, I'll upload its also a photo reports and correspondingly let's agree that every Monday will be to leave video from detailed simple very detailed master class then
  • 03:37: eat straight on knitting on the ranks and still to whom you need this here Here is an image of this bunny already storyboards that is on small a square such as you saw me from you can you write me or in contact in group link also from below or comments to me leave your mail yes somehow that does not I connect you with my own I will send this drawing if someone already knows how to knit in
  • 04:07: this technique I'm here for example I'll knit first time therefore in principle, I think we are you will manage and what a well I'll send if someone will need that sm was drawn that you to knit they themselves wait weekly here is this here report because the video all the same I plan do a very detailed and give we knit together if you have any then there are questions write them leave
  • 04:37: comments under this video and we will all understand together so do we suggest that start now master this huge heap and start actually embark on unleashing our bunny so I take your first skein ivory yarn shade and will be with her begin to knit hook I took the number 3
  • 05:07: for this, so I I'll leave the tail a little more this is the middle of the uterus right now I'll take a string that she needs me better pull out the tail will take more then what then it was easy for him fill as usual any convenient for you by dialing first loop and we sew 6
  • 05:37: air loops 1 2 three four five six I do the crochet and I count the fourth air loop 1 2 3 4 so again 1 2 3 in fourth loop
  • 06:10: I bind 1 bar with one overfill again I make the next air loop I tie a post with cape again I do the Cape and in the following air loop the band column with one cape it turned out 3
  • 06:46: air loops 1 2 3 a column that is, and that how would we four a column with one now I'm this I turn the matter over we are now tied the first row next we need tie up 2 square according to scheme doing 3 air 6 air loops 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 07:20: again, and in fourth loop 1 2 3 4 again we sew column with one crochet 1 the next loop second column with one-piece the next loop third column with one-piece now I find that
  • 07:55: The place where we had chains from air loops here they us goes into it I enter a hook and I do connective I make the column 3 air loops 2 3 and under the same chain of air loops I sew three more a column with one накидом 1 2 3 we finished knitting
  • 08:36: second row now i turn over again we will knit alcohol 3 square again 6 air loops 2 3 4 5 6 napid in the fourth loop 1 2 3 4 we sew the first column the next loop
  • 09:06: second column the next loop third column I can find a chain from the air loops previous I make a square connective post and tie 3 air hinges under
  • 09:36: the same arche from 3 air loops i need to tie 3 column with one накидом 1 2 3 I find the following a square and here it is arce connective a column from it 3 Air loops 1 2 3 and 3
  • 10:06: column with one crochet 1 come on 3 turn over knitting now to us need to associate 404 squares for it
  • 10:36: again doing 6 air loops two three four in Thursday so 56 in the fourth loop again we sew column with one накидом 1 2 3 4 so once two three 4 full of straight
  • 11:06: practically in front of face therefore I apologize if I will not get there in time first post second column and third column again I find an arch from three air loops connective
  • 11:36: column and 3 air 1 2 3 in the same arch with 3 more bars with one-piece 1 2 3 I find the following box under the arp connective column and 3 air loops one two Three
  • 12:16: following connective the next arch 3 air loops and 3 column with one the crochet 1 2 and 3 so I tied the 6
  • 12:46: squares of two times three 4 5 six now in the same way I I'll put it on for a while while I'm on diagonals will not be 20 squares when I there will be 20 boxes I I'll show you what I have is obtained and will be look what we will do next I she tied up to 20 squares it 11 rows are obtained
  • 13:17: here let's count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 now we need to tie 9 more rows and just after we we will fasten 9 rows We will need inject another colors and now let's now I will bind these 9 ranks with you meet in a trust what do we get I
  • 13:49: I'll show you what happens you look at me what do you get and we will be in the next parts to change colors and knit further well now we bind 9 remaining series as and that I'm there for you a little wrong said about the 9 series of let's get you and me count on squares that is, I got to the moment when we now is
  • 14:19: change the thread here this corner of me marked this the next row is already should go with us change of colors but this I will leave until the next series yes there I will bind also to camera and with you straight by number flowers will show what and how so but now our knitting should we are now
  • 14:49: with you together calculate once two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 squares this such here we will tell so homework to for those who will knit with me until 38 squares
  • 15:20: bind and the next series like me already promised hell for Mondays will be get out long videos of which we will knit then we have you get knitting goes here in this direction and mark yourself a marker where you have will be facial where will be purposely side it for that so that we get confused with what hand in the first place leave strings tips and from where
  • 15:50: should begin knitting on top of either from below I am now also which the country will underside sharks clearly that they are in principle, all are the same and I want to say that u I'm already over one here is such I'm already a hoe and a half row new points so now I I understand that to me a yarn of course not enough and probably will go to order more for yourself
  • 16:20: yarns enough to make it let's say so everything wishes which I have to you therefore proportionate and please yarn if and it has the ability and buy something to buy and because in principle, I think gradually all this Of course, you can also will buy up but I do not take into account the following the moment I ordered here like me already spoke light gray and gray yarn yes but
  • 16:50: I still need a dark gray color i have here there is the remains are like this Semenovskoy yarn but she as you can see Slightly thicker in principle of composition the same only a little twist another as though to me she I fit of course I'll see that is even by color it is this is darker but me and that's left there is literally over the mind. so I do not see
  • 17:21: meaning now use an escape now buy as once it's dark gray yarn somewhere I will find maybe not alize but in composition so that there was something more less similar that just next ranks to us will need use dark gray and gray color well with white color I think problems that are not particularly will not even
  • 17:51: white and just in light gray ie we will have go three main the color of gray is well let's tie up up to this point You can take your time neatly all see that you everything was beautiful smoothly and accurately up to meetings in new knitting editions plaid brown bunny also want thank those who already supported my
  • 18:21: channel and express simply huge thanks thank you for this and I want to say that those who wants support my channel or invest your a small contribution to acquiring such coveted video camera all references on these way you will find under video to everyone thank you to the new meetings