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  • 00:00: friends all hello to you Ekaterina and you on the channel a cool loaf today I want show your version of Easter cakes I selected the proportions for this recipe herself if exactly follow the recipe Such cakes will always be long remain fresh and will not smell of roses we'll start with making jewelry for cakes in fact, in its very it will be very simple decoration but at the same time very spectacular I will make a sugar paste on based on egg white with added Lemon stain and in different colors and with help of different attachments
  • 00:32: create different shapes decorations will we have powdered sugar it is desirable that it was made by guest and in its composition except for sugar nothing had I found this powder kilogram costs around 130 rubles link to the store where I get Leave the bottom under this video click on button still there will drop a detailed recipe from the links you need there you will find promotional code for a 5% discount in this store So let's cook in squirrels we add citric acid or
  • 01:02: lemon juice to oxidize proteins and sugar paste in the end it turned snow white gradually here we introduce powdered sugar before the formation thick such a mass that does not spreads and keeps the form very well [music] I divided it and colored it in different colors [music]
  • 01:33: otsazhivaem all sorts of flowers droplets and there is already a flight of fantasy florets figurines can be made in advance they are very long stored up to six months in a closed dense lid to not be evaluated and such sugar flowers can be decorate in principle dessert and cakes and just serve for tea alone [music] [music]
  • 02:08: [music] now let 's prepare ourselves cakes for this we need flour eggs sugar milk sour cream yeast butter vanillin salt and this year I decided make a cake with candied fruits make the brew
  • 02:39: for this in warm milk, add sugar a few spoons of flour and yeast stir and leave for 15-20 minutes when the yeast approached add the eggs remaining sugar here vanillin salt sour cream all this we will mix and at the end add in melted butter and
  • 03:11: start kneading the test, I will Of course, this can be done in a combine make and hands because many believe that the dough loves hands your choice to your taste choose the one that is most suitable for you the way I sift flour and add a liquid base to it after I bring here candied fruits and mix it
  • 03:43: slow speed so as not to damage candied dough is ready but very crazy fragrant and leave it for proofing somewhere about 40 minutes it went up well now I have increased it distributing forms of form I and 16 12 meters in diameter I lubricate them sunflower oil and fill every form by one third
  • 04:13: [music] I leave the dough in the form for another half an hour now is the time to bake myself I at a temperature of 170 degrees around 30 minutes a small cake was baked 25 minutes More baked on this recipe
  • 04:44: the tip of the eye treatment cracks and they very well depart from the form without parchment [music] field already cooled chicken chocolate and decorate our sugar colors that we did earlier I think if you cook cakes on this recipe and decorate them in this way then your masterpiece is compulsory
  • 05:14: It does not remain without attention looks very effectively non-standard delicious I cut the cake I want to break it show what a wonderful crumb It turns out to be very airy and at the same time wet [music] [music] I want to congratulate everyone on coming bright the Easter holiday
  • 05:46: if you have time and desire then be sure to bake them yourself when the house is filled with the smell of baked cakes it becomes so cozy and light as if would have been once in my childhood but I want to ask your friends to subscribe please put it on my channel write comments put a bell to not pass new videos and I of course are traditionally I wish everyone peace and good while friends [music]