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Dress in the BOHO style Modelling of a Daily Dress in BOHO https:\/\/youtu.be\/tuUKw40ceEo style. If you plan the lock on the center of a back, do a razrezna...  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you channel in secret to the whole world its leading Tatiana natali Here is this dress code I suggest you today to make out a dress fitted as opposed to most models in the style of bokho but nevertheless this does not prevent him enter the collection of this particular style fitted has a movable stitch vstavochka is cut along the waist line
  • 00:33: here is a small assembly on the card pockets in seams sleeve classic length sleeve seven eighths or maybe even three quarters of a sleeve I will take the entire length of the necks to the open has such a well- cut neckline here perhaps we can all start with you to modeling for modeling to us
  • 01:03: Requires the detail of the backrest and sleeve parts as we will not take because no Changes there except for the length there is no sleeve is wide along the entire length therefore just enough to shorten it and hone as he is, let us turn to details before you start with it you see that the dress has a cut along the waistline but the undercut is not the fault of the liar
  • 01:35: partially ip-address this starts there where we have you. To determine the line of this pruning must omit the dash, that is you. will be translated here here in the waistline and from this same line I will undercut here is this detail Cutting and assembled assembly Suppose that on the back of our dress
  • 02:09: will look exactly the same, that is, she will have a cut along the waist line i measure how much I did in front As much as I take the width of the undercut behind me, it turned out 8 here too we will have a part of the dart, that is you. whether it's me that is partly so
  • 02:39: there are dresses slightly pritalennoy you can use a dart on the back you can only limit this one here with a thallium tuck but we start with you divide the item into fragments as the design
  • 03:12: [applause] so here we have a seam in the center and along the waist line
  • 03:43: Here is this detail that will be collected I do not kill a platoon we do not need it so let us immediately take up the throat I forgot about her a little bit about the prize The neck is slightly recessed and has a code
  • 04:14: smoothly and the chairs bend me and so here I will cut out to me I saw it seemed here at we will have an old suture ditch we translate into burning italy this twig of the shoulder we translate into the waist line if you have the dart has a great depth ie
  • 04:45: its meaning and divide it into a waistline and for example, to divert a part of the branch into the relief and the part in a line that is not if the depth of the tuck is a small house you can it's just her genitals so we should expand skirt that is what we have goes after the waist line because the board slightly enlarged flared to bottom
  • 05:17: I will do here 3 notches further is not this It is possible to expand these details and see what we get stacked detail so that we've got going vertical line that is this line which indicates the share here strictly vertical dash i
  • 05:49: close we will connect details here this here the bottom part I will have to expand what I will do but Look what happens here if I I'll stick it like this push me a little here right here The phenomenon is only obtained wrinkling so at this point we cut and stack and so that she lay flat, that is, smooth it out here I am
  • 06:22: already made that the glue here is not To distract not to glue here that is it at we got one detail here tuck translated from the shoulder seam and downwards expanded midnight item that we are with you cut out we will cut the fabric folded in half firstly well, you can even take two widths and and and so on to do the assembly if not
  • 06:53: You want to make a magnificent build in one and a half times wider than this detail and here here somewhere on this place with us pocket is located probably also noticed that such here put that is, if you have a fabric that allows you can this one here this cut out with a pocket so that's what we're cleaning up, what do we do?
  • 07:23: with the backrest on the back the same picture we will only have everything much easier here we bake it, we cut it off midway because the middle of a cut and also The back of your neck can be
  • 07:57: slightly deepen to make it freer the same scheme flies whole-tipped we will need make of straight a little extended down so it's possible that we have kicks here
  • 08:27: Here there is no seam and perhaps that there is a seam and it is possible that there is a lock in the seam because so simply the dress does not climb from you or book phenomenon is a seam or phenomenon middle back because it all the same from nataniya sits rather tightly adjoins Here I pasted the back and again these
  • 09:02: I will expand them preferably Spread as much as you do done on the line for 1 piece transfer here Here I forge counterfeit so Attracted me a little bit length is not but this I think is not very important in this case, and so it will be
  • 09:33: look and now we take 2 see how we will lay out middle parts and transfer and backrests we are with you already talked about what you can take widow and width it is obligatory that on fabric folds because this is the details of us not a line it is an integer, I note two widths and so here put a point but the fact is that
  • 10:07: the detail is not straight along our entire length and a little bit is also expanded, therefore the lower part of the workpiece can take this is how I and I drank yu even now I'll stick it to listen to us so she took it as much as
  • 10:37: will allow the fabric and here draw up a line bottom line book of course, a little need to be faked and here is this line that she was slightly concave here we will assembly an on the detail of the transfer can immediately be cut out and burlap pockets not quite me it's for sure
  • 11:08: can be painted here perhaps now and everything means these details we naturally we cut out in what way Here we circle the shoulder line I just I'll cut out why I'll explain it all just cut out I'm slightly fitted about dumping on
  • 11:39: I already told you that you are her You can do or you can limit and Only the file upload is not a god but here we have a name for it does not hang corners [music] we will think that we have a penki in our castle cut out this is such a two
  • 12:12: details of the dress can be said here we do the same naturally this one Now the line is needed to connect the beautiful cool already this is smoother 2.
  • 13:00: here maybe we have a pocket why him not to be this is the detail of the transfer we got such pockets if you are a 7 wheelbarrow middle piece that will look to pass the pockets and for the back without a pocket for
  • 13:31: clarity of course location a pocket on both parts you need check you can not make them price if you have some kind of flaw tissue can happen like this will be look like an average detail here assembles their sensor volatilize to the center I even on one level somehow managed to do Now, perhaps, it still remains for you add to this dress sleeve and she
  • 14:03: will be almost ready for you with me I say goodbye to you for what you were with me, thank you for your attention subscribe to the link playlist on the side at the end of the video and in description under video All the best to see you soon