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Hybrid of pizza and cheburek. The recipe which from me is asked.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello friends I tell you I cooking This unusual pies hybrid and pizza tchebourek flour I Measure out 300 gram mug need Three of the volume of flour also I use a mug to measure the water you need to pour boiling water 1 teaspoon salt and and make the dough here I add a little vegetable oil the dough was more flexible and
  • 00:30: gentle and first spoon then hands you can knead fairly stiff dough Well so cool so you can him then roll out a I kneaded the dough when I do the usual I cover pasties cup that she I lie down for half an hour and cooled, and until the dough It comes up to standard Let us stuffing feta cheese sober small cubes We need about 200 300
  • 01:00: gram of cheese then take the big green bunch of dill and parsley about equally and I cut as much as possible finely chopped delirium and greens interspersed in a bowl blender all equally mix and more slightly crushed here is added finely chopped garlic six of ten small cloves us is necessary to achieve a
  • 01:32: a blender uniform fine crumbs the next component filling their tomatoes necessarily need select all the same size and 6 medium-sized pieces less and thin slices and one tomato in I get 8 circles yet revealed Maslachenko and the dough has
  • 02:03: I have pins and needles in one's arm Now it is necessary to divided into an even number of parts 4 or 6 approximately equal value and now subtly rolling one such part I take a glass or circle diameter a little more than the diameter cooked tomatoes and circles
  • 02:33: Mark up slightly Roll out dough on round are our future cakes I laid out the stuffing tomatoes on top occur than if new longer put brands so tasty I I put many of stairs and cover all other formation test that it should be roll out more and to be a little thinner more than 1 Now I use
  • 03:04: mug as the punch oops that's what happens when tomato It was slightly larger than necessary fry in sunflower oil, pour it on fingers
  • 03:36: on a hot pan spread and in our pirozhochki the frying they swell like pasties purchase golden color surface they such bubble appears and cheese inside melts mixing greens It stands out a lot of juice delicious all on the taste is a natural
  • 04:07: Pizza for the children when they immediately try They say this pizza the mouths of babes sucklings that's when the first time I have a body, I just not expect that get so tasty and all who try these pies initially surprised then I ask what it is then immediately asks the recipe and here Now when I took this video I will giving a reference and so it will be better because it is better when See how It has done will
  • 04:37: have an idea and then everything will be easier make thanks for all view bye bye a