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V-shaped CUT of the MOUTH. Knitting by spokes #164  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone learn from you knit bake handle v-neck the throats are like this from the front purl I'm already tied up I already tied up decrease and now we will process the neck to start here I have an even number of loops 48 loops 24 and 24 loops for
  • 00:30: started with a pin i mark two average loops that we then after we will type loops on with the obverse on the wrong side this loop knits purposely that is we should calculate so to link these two loops together purposely for so that we have here it turned out with facial
  • 01:00: the parties in order with facial side this loop looked facial and so start marking two loops answer which I will then knit 2 loops together I already added here thread and now we will recruit loops all around the perimeter
  • 01:32: products that is fill the neck and so to the end that is
  • 02:24: we type loops you see around perimeter how I scored the loops on the entire perimeter now we need calculate so that these two loops we tied the purse these two medium loops to us it is necessary to tie purposely that is if it's purl then this is the front purl face purl face
  • 02:55: purl face purl and so on we count until the end of the series and so I have penultimate loop facial as The first loop is We are not and we are not we take into account crochet The first loop is removed not tying and knitting elastic band 1 on 1 facial purl face purl face
  • 03:26: purl and so on We knit till the middle purl face so where do we
  • 04:01: middle so now to us it is necessary to tie purl see here these are the two loops are marked if in when the pattern that is, we type loops or we already knit on the line eg here if we have an odd number of loops
  • 04:31: then accordingly, we just choose middle loop and knitting its just purl my case number of loops guys are even therefore we knit 2 together purl with facial it will be look facial then we form central central facial loop and further knitting
  • 05:02: on the pattern that is purl we continue to knit knit an elastic band end of row 1 purl 1 facial we knit the second row also an elastic band is where we have purest we are hers we bind purlins front bandage facial thus we knit
  • 05:35: to the middle of the cutout that is, purl we always knit pattern loops ohh facial ranks I his wife is also on the pattern gum up the middle and in the middle we will knit 3 loops together
  • 06:05: facial but not very in the usual way so we have reached have reached mean you see here us central Front Loop Now we must associate 3 together facial for this is interchanged first and second loops 1 loop we have for work 2 loops per
  • 06:37: left spoke before work and bandage 3 hinges together facial for the back wall and for front wall and behind back thus we are forming see the central face loop continue to knit elastic as I have said in the purl row we knit along the pattern a
  • 07:08: on the pattern of us three central hinges note with on the wrong side will be like 3 purl that is not facial purl all the time here in the middle of us will be all the time change further continue to knit rubber band until the end of series and purl row we knit loops along the pattern next row we knit with front side show again how the central part
  • 07:39: but the width is, as it were, beiki you choose themselves that is number of rows width of the beak choose by model it can be six rows 812 depend from the thickness of the yarn and so further that is facial number now we
  • 08:10: continue to knit elastic band 1 1 facial purl middle chasuble so here we have the average three loops again
  • 08:40: swap the first and the second loop 1 backwards at work average loop before work and we sew 3 loops together facial rear wall in this way we form threads Forms with us cutout on
  • 09:12: continue to knit a rubber band on the pattern as I already said purl strings we knit all the loops purl and so way we forming a cutout here and so it turns out in with the front party and with purest ugly on this I hope This lesson will be
  • 09:43: useful subscribe to my channel leave your comments see you in my the following videos bye Bye