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We design a collar to a blouse.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello dear friends you me asked to show how to build a collar striped blouse we need for collar firstly a little bit to modify The throats were bought so that is a little bit and deepen somewhere by one centimeter and measure the neck transfer overlapping centimeter tape on the rib and neck backrests that is half I'm here pattern patterns and half here I got it
  • 00:33: 2020 is half the length of my collar and we spend a line length of 20 doing it and so zhirnenkoe for his wife and put and here we put the point a from fishing point upward climb 2 why 2a is the minimum value one and a half times the maximum 12
  • 01:04: The higher we rise, the more flat is our collar because on talking about standing from a false parade nikit, we must assume that we somehow now had such a tselnokroenoe and so I took the minimum value 2 set the point b connecting the points I had divide it in half and restore it upwards
  • 01:37: perpendicular to the de further I connect all this so that is, here it is now I have a line paris his collar line pricking butane and build the collar itself, that is
  • 02:07: postpone the width of the collar here we can postpone the corner well suppose that we take the width of the collar in this place 6 let there be 6 I took this at such an angle But you can take a more acute angle take a straight right angle but we see that here here is such a middle-aged blouse corner in it can always
  • 02:38: correct for product but behind where we have a collar will be connected with a droplet with our self I take I will take a small width of 22 s half take this and so I put b1 and now I need to connect this all the connection is then blissful
  • 03:17: all our collar is ready that is, the collar is of course you can here is this place to take and wider I'm showing for the sample but probably
  • 03:47: wider will be even better this is the line of prying the collar here this is smooth and time for now we'll see Here I took such a sample and directly on metal just to show you like this collar will be with us to look like then look, here she is a whole-celled stance at me it turned out and behind us, the collar looks like this that is, it is postponed here and back
  • 04:22: why did I take the narrow he does not have is postponed, that is, it seems to be going stand if you paid attention to the model then there's a blouse then you see that all the stripes there go horizontally that's exactly how they get on with this the case of horizontal If you take the fabric in stripes and his collar was flogged and I want to show you exactly this not everyone knows how it is
  • 04:55: correctly handle that is I collar did not duplicate it did not cut it the other is less, that is, this is how would be black and such an option in order to show how the collar looks in the product but here is a place where we would like whole-face bar I show you separately then here you see what I have two collars like to have this the opportunity to be as hot as we are reach
  • 05:26: then you must on your collar mark the distance you will have this very well, one-piece bar suppose that you take in I'm here 2 even then you can be take two centimeters make yourself a tag and Collars grind the corner from the inside to this mark that is, here we are about them started and what we are doing further and further we connect the lower collars in pairs and
  • 05:58: the upper ones you see I have two lower collar or two top now I this do not know because as an example of such a I throw them together and spend up to the amount I need too The most I do and with the top collars that is also I add here I have two details, I have them folded first among themselves and then
  • 06:29: make sure you pave a horizontal line that will be well how to strengthen these two areas, that is these tips and the price of the crown of a young man stoichku well, and the rest you process Of course, everything is the same as processing with collar that is , the lower uncle with a little less upper you are a little kravet more duplicated collar well and so
  • 07:00: further this you all know well here perhaps all that I wanted to tell you today on the design of the collar and literally two words said This is exactly what in the middle of this, I say goodbye to you I wish you success in all you goodbye to fast meetings