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Decorative set spokes. The region of our product overwound type-setting, will decorate and will make it not only elegant, but also unusual. Try and I am sure, it...  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good afternoon, I'm glad welcome everyone on the obligation channel my name is anenone and the beginning of your video want salute of their subscribers which joined the this channel and me very much it's nice that in our shelf replenishment it all welcome to this video I want
  • 00:30: show you how you can make an edge products standard with elastic bands decorative and this we will do with you set-up edge with twisted loops like him it means I mean typed the loops traditional way revenge is this video if interested look standard way as if nothing intricacy and and
  • 01:01: I typed the number of loops multiple four + two edge how will we be with you knit means the first row 1 edge we remove we knit face loops all row absolutely no no will be with us other plate le chic comedian facial finish our
  • 01:33: first front row The last one in our country Edge Edge turn our knitting and knitting with you second row by all by the wrong loops I so in detail this I show for those who perhaps only only starts his steps knitting and so I so detailed here I show
  • 02:03: tell to the end of the row shop all purl loops turn our we knit all facial and fourth series we will have everything purl loops then we must ourselves get 4 rows facial smoothness we tied you up 4 series of facial smoothness what are we doing with you next first edge we with you shoot and bandage 2 facial loops 1 2
  • 02:35: next we need to you here these loops on the left spoke turn from yourself and to yourself so turned and knit 4 Facial 1 2 3 4 4 next do the same
  • 03:09: movement with the left needle Obi-Wan as if around knitting fry from ourselves and knit again 4 facial 1 2 4 next and again turn around Here and so and even wind 4 facial
  • 03:40: see what the nuance when will you turn around now slowly I'll show you around try that this one is ours where we typed loops went to the wrong side and then you I'll explain why that look again turned and like this as though that's it there they filled it up and knives 4 facial 2 4
  • 04:12: again take around so here it is from here overexposed finger and turned and we knit 4 facial s I apologize for your vote that the weekend went to we got a dacha wet snow with rain i
  • 04:42: I got cold a week could not speak naturally nothing took off her voice a little bit restore at night husky so I ask forgiveness from you so turned and knit 1 2 3 4 here we are at the end 3 loops left this is the edge and that's it. these two is that we finish before busy now you do last turn we take this turn here
  • 05:12: here's a finger adhere to turned and knit two facial and last the edge is like this we look but it we will already have the wrong side, we turn over and here see what we have it turned out with you here these are these here our slides are that's how you hills received from that here I told you
  • 05:42: turn adheres to with your finger so that we it was taken away from on the night side to this case she now it will be front side so here I am tried to do there are options with this twisted edges but if in the opposite side turn there will be face and not he will be relief given case look what kind of have turned out relief waves and this
  • 06:12: very interesting land I tried several options Patterns for this I want show you now the very simple is possible we have a lot beginners and for that what should you do more clearly how it looks if add here next some patterns here who is enough what I showed
  • 06:42: was glad to be useful and we will continue see what I I propose for this sniffs of the simplest here we have no wrong Look at us here there is this here is the wave as though yes I suggest on the reverse side on these waves on let the edges be facial track bars
  • 07:12: kaluga see show about what do I say mean first remove the knitting purl and look here we have our mound as if ends with do here facial I suggest we do not neither at the same time facial do crossbred i in general, they can not but then sales in this plane preferring if u
  • 07:42: me on pur the surface is suzuki at the same time their I prefer knitting crossed they will be more neatly and then tied one meet well on knit knit themselves 3 purl 1 3 4 our loop it completion of our hamster this bugorochka that even menu crossed facial further we knit 1 2 3 again facial crossing as
  • 08:18: completion but even for until you see further Look one two Three 4 most crossed 1 2 3 facial crossed 1 2 3 facial crossed still we have it alone once two three and pizza
  • 08:48: crossed so while we still a little that with you we can see any case it is visible yes here so here i am 1 more purl show how I knit with these loops but so often in order who is completely new here I am now
  • 09:18: grow our crochet knit us there is facial it is us was facial crossed number wife again baptizing cross purl went 43 rather than three Our facial crossed Wrong then to here on received crossed front 1 2 3 in front
  • 09:49: So then say crossed night crossed here purl 5 for us and so we continue with by you I will do freeze-frame several rows for that already see how she
  • 10:19: will this set look in already with pattern in the work to was more prominent she is already is viewed here see how it's me all equally do it here frames I will tie still four five rows for that there should be more it is visual it is visible yes here I tied up more several rows and look there already
  • 10:49: see what I wanted show you see I'm special this way this is the last facial decided to bind are not crossed in order to visually show you then what did I say when i have back sheet goes and if goes track from one facial either it diamonds doge felts still somehow that is how there would be plenty if there is a
  • 11:19: facial I try as a rule, her knit crossed it purlin looks much neat see how it is the column looks than usual facial that's because it is wider and somehow here we say too it is normal as though there is a place to be but behold crossed me more like I see in
  • 11:49: facial and purl series crossed loops the only loops what you pay attention to cross them in one direction if we have turned his loop front to this studio purl too should be equally turn in this same direction that purl can be done cut interbreed hand and this is mine there is also this showed
  • 12:19: Well, well, you look then this is how our twisted set edge already simple simple patterned so here it is on on the wrong side after all, and so here it is looks on our face it can be beautiful whether knitting for
  • 12:49: the same who blouses that's what I am spoke here look if this is put on the hand let it be like this that's why not why not replace standard rubber band already say this worn out in all models today try to experiment he elastic well of course it's not like a rubber band
  • 13:20: elasticity but with Well, here he is not quite so tight and not otherwise and you try well in general that's how it is here it looks me I hope you liked it if liked to put their husky be sure leave comments they are important to me and for today all hugs you good luck