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  • 00:00: Hello mydear me here the mess on the tablecreative I cook set for here is adolls doll Anfisa you will be able to sew another one like me let's start with the small parts eyesbuttons for fastening and buttons for this jacket we put them in the bag
  • 00:30: fabric main fordresses we are direct to put it in a box there is enough fabric on bodice for the dress and the skirt sleeve is not necessary butanyway on to something else enough is fabric for jackets straight from the same seam Iyou send on the body itself andhead
  • 01:00: my arms and legs since thenhere we have the shoes the shoes I also haveyou did no it's just blanks you havethe video will be like then to finish the shoes another Shoe has these parts: backdrops ,cardboard sole,tameran ,laces and whiteskin it to us
  • 01:31: tongue a little fabricjust in case it on pants the bow for the head I bow alreadycut you don't need nothing to measure here it isready and the this interesting handbagalso almost ready you then it will finishalready sew button just you can
  • 02:01: not to be that suchbuttons I have them too will do theinteresting hair the hair can bea choice like I do that's whatred ,brown and brown or very too dark for youchoice what you will like until theyin stock order now about thein the main set includes videomaster class
  • 02:33: shoes forthe bag and all over the doll the whole dollit tells how to make the headwhich will have you to spin at allhand how to sew here this jacket and all the way doll put you nosemake eyes my box whenyou will sew put thisthe doll in the box the box will close andgive in
  • 03:03: principle to givethis whole set needlewoman herselfwill do and you can a doll to givesaying that is a miracle I did price for all € 70 or $ 80 shipping is free master class Isend email e-but thisthe whole box into your address virtually anywhereyou live in the mail
  • 03:34: I put the wire in the arm one hand I'm doing withwire to the bag hungeither the bear was in his hand
  • 04:07: you haveonly buy the batting because Ihonestly don't know how many there it is necessary you have to buy the batting andstick to sushi forgot to show youshoes what are
  • 04:39: here are simplyput on the doll you can order onthe website is there
  • 05:10: automaticpayment is payment thank youtremendous while while