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  • 00:00: [music] hello to everyone , somehow in comments, I promised to sing and sing Bavarian greenhouses and today that's just The hands reached this recipe very much. such but not usually it turns out a little bit baking because before baking is created by a garden solution Ethics Fritzes in general is similar to delirium purpose Same baking series I take here
  • 00:33: I also need to pour 200 milk milliliters 220 even 220 milliliters and take boiling water 155 milliliters me I'll need why I take boiling water because that the milk is cold from the refrigerator and so that all together do not heat up more easily easier to pour you gave you boiling water and just
  • 01:04: milk will become a warm add here two teaspoons of sugar half a cube yeast here I have 40 grams it's really half if you take a dry yeast before three times less about 7 grams will turn out here to me sifted 650
  • 01:38: gram flour flour ordinary we have type t400 general purpose and add two whales here These are the legs I put in order to yeast activated minutes for 10-15 liquids I do not remember 370 and 375 milliliters said the total or not, you can take only water or only milk on the in half so it turns out more delicious
  • 02:08: leave for 15 minutes in the left approached yeast flour together with vegetable oil grow with margarine or butter I add here to the gel teaspoons of salt or less in part The dough should be well mixed well when
  • 02:54: if necessary a little pour in flour because the dough does not should be gently should be such a smooth dense elastic I'll take and literally a pinch of flour because I'm on the dough I see that I have to add it and a lot do not need to be well kneaded on the table [music]
  • 03:28: dough for at least minutes seven-ten so that she was so here
  • 03:58: ductile elastic well assembled ball and do not hold hands We take a clean bowl on the bottom dripping some vegetable oil as always call the whole bowl spread the dough seam up and turn over by the way about salt of usual salt put not even 2 teaspoons like me but three because it has to be baked salty enough to look to my taste tightened the bowl with dough
  • 04:29: film and put in a warm place Approach for 1 hour with anyone else on top a towel and let it go one hour that's how good the dough came in one hour Now you need to hug him in a circle either in a rectangle depending on whether how you used to form bagels I I will make a circle and then I do not know
  • 05:02: how many sectors will be and put on the stove is now warming up 2 liter of water so that by the time you form the bagels they have in your water already boiling 2 liters I divided into 12 parts now do on each part of drinking on each small incision to make it easier was to collapse can I this tongue on the corpses spoon
  • 05:38: Here such 12 pieces at me it has turned out
  • 06:12: now take the soda gave me boils already 2 liters of putting them on each liter of 3 tablespoons of soda and I also advise you to pour in soda 4 spoons of vegetable oil then you have
  • 06:43: baking does not stick to the sheet or properly fold the sheet even if you pique on paper anyway lubricate paper I can still boil this solution we omit one and two pieces we boil literally from one minute read up to 30 on the one hand is they turned back from another
  • 07:16: hand to 30 and spread on the sheet and so do with all after all these are these
  • 07:53: bagels roasted sprinkles a large such is not the sea ​​salt is directly ishim crystals of salt and The oven is already heated by 200 degrees immediately sent to the oven took out of the oven baked exactly 20 minutes, see nothing fit everything well removed and now a little bit
  • 08:25: Cool and show how I'm not on the break and let's see what they are inside these are the brown ones they did not burn out do not think it's protection cooking in a garden solution is this rubber slightly crusty crust should get and such an unusual taste at the expense of salt I already said yes that put if you do not like salted 2 teaspoonfuls spoon so it's not so easy to feel that
  • 08:55: salty but not too much if you do not like salted planet one by prescription generally there are three to shame such here they on different turn out with a creamy cut with creamy butter and sweet tea is just very tasty if you want to use this a recipe for very tasty such
  • 09:27: Bavarian bagels faces Fritz like them here is called all I wish good baking and to the ambulance meetings on my channel for everyone [music] and [music] [music]