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  • 00:00: complex column of crosses that's like this cute posts of crosses in which In general, it is possible to perform a number of such columns of the type of the cross - stitch will be the same as he is cut here is such an icon from him Not very clear and give many we'll see nothing complicated here do 3 things together why the three are right consider the right upper right leg
  • 00:35: middle and right lower leg means 1 2 3 накид we go on temechku air from the kidney and we sew 1 cape do one more napid receding 1 loop pull out the thread and knit the cape Now we are on the hook here 2 unconnected column 2 cape and here is another
  • 01:06: so to speak the initial loop is tied Together these two columns of hooks remain we have two capers tie them to the end we make an air loop of the cape and here to we enter we do not enter the connection of these posts and in the next round that is here so here
  • 01:36: so that we have two hooks on the hook we do not bind a single crocheted column it turns out here such a cross to give more I do three occasions we sew 1 cape do more naked retreat one loop we sew a cape we sew two loops together on china not
  • 02:07: we touch and we connect 2 накида on as the principle of knitting air loop cape and here we enter Here's how the average cue can be seen one two Three you need this average crochet hook Christie so that the cheese on top of it the floor Two strings and we connect a usual column
  • 02:38: with a single crochet that's how they turn out crosses can be used as I have already said as an extension for example it's very beautiful to look somewhere as a finish, but in general they can you will meet and in circuit diagrams of course they do not meet so often but
  • 03:10: In my opinion, this is very beautiful looks subscribe to my channel in order not to I have many more to miss new lessons different ideas of knitting tricks us with you have many interesting unmounted schemes and complex patterns Do not miss it all, good luck to you and easy petticoat