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  • 00:00: good afternoon dear gardeners and truck farmers with you Tatiana I'm glad to welcome everyone on my today's fertile vegetable garden video I want to continue the theme of natural dressing for seedlings and in general I know this plant by your Many people are interested in commenting on the ask me to continue to tell you something interesting how and what can be fed seedlings, or indoor flowers either plants growing on beds I recently had a video on my channel cooking
  • 00:30: egg dressing for seedlings and in general for all plants and this video caused great interest and many questions You can now link to this video see on their screens in the right the top corner and who I wonder I recommend to watch this video prepared very easily, but the effect of this fertilizer is indeed stunning and your numerous comments under this video and also in personal messages just once again confirmed that many know about this fertilizer and very satisfied with the results and today
  • 01:01: I want to introduce you to one more interesting fertilizer that you can also cook from an egg or rather from protein from I think that many of you and such top-dressing to hear today for the first time it's very effective and easy for him preparation of fertilizing which you also can try on their plants if you doubt which top dressing or in any means then my recommendation has always been remains for such people necessarily
  • 01:31: try something new on parts of plants on part of the seedling do not try everything at once you can even for comparison some plants to feed that or other top dressing and which ones like control hold without feeding and already will see the difference whether it really works this or that tool and this or that feeding or not and therefore always think before you do something because that now on the Internet very much different tips and sometimes completely
  • 02:03: contradictory and therefore not to be in a mess always need to try experiment on parts of plants I all of their experiments are numerous which I love and spend every year I I spend on a part of the plant and only then I draw a definite conclusion that works or other method method or does not work and now let's all the same I'll show you how to cook this is a very simple tool for this you need a half liter of water water at room temperature and one egg a more precisely, we must separate the protein from
  • 02:36: yolk and now I place the onion in the jar stir lightly and now in this our the egg tincture should stand at room temperature for 45 days for this time there will be a kind of fermentation and you will get really good quite concentrated fertilizer after 4 5 days we have this Concentrate should dilute 1 to 4 1 to 5
  • 03:09: water at room temperature and now this diluted solution we I feed all plants I want at once say that responds particularly well to this top dressing Solanaceous cultures such as tomatoes especially peppers and aubergines so I recommend trying very simple lung effective tool and hope that my today's advice is also useful to you like it and you take it to
  • 03:39: Arms, but it's probably all I do I wanted to tell you today's video I hope that my today's advice to you Also useful if you liked the video then put a kid and subscribe to my the canal was fruitful with you Tatyana 7 all the best to all excellent moods of strong seedlings excellent harvests for everyone while