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  • 00:00: hello my friends viewers through spectators my constant viewers I greet so all those who came to my channel for the first time be sure sign up because that as they say here with a lot of interesting you I'm bearded you on channel quickly and tasty where tell show simple recipes for delicious food and today I teach you fry chicken the liver fries laterally right so that it turned out very tasty for us will need itself
  • 00:30: liver 10 I have half a kilo as once to fit for one school so we need the most ordinary salt is the most ordinary flour in In general, more and more for this dish is not need nothing trust me everything will be very tasty and as always everything will be very just let's go so to start the liver needs to be washed it contains a lot of blood a lot bile many shit it's all us not
  • 01:01: need it think through and we would now here in this view clean and well and she is already ready for cooking now show what to do further, so what do we do next in
  • 01:33: first put pan feet ignite such middling fire well watered pan with oil and leave me we need to heat up already hot frying pan lay out pieces and Liver we will but already hot staples then proceed to their most liver salt I take me here with a spoon or we interfere with the salt
  • 02:03: evenly salted with pepper and and where he gives me pepper here is this pepper ground black most tanks a bit so peppered and prevented you from adding spices that you
  • 02:33: I like I 'll add most common black pepper and all we take usually wheat flour no matter what sort of like this her I'll take a piece our liver and one two Three
  • 03:04: bend a piece in flour here so here we have happened lay out on take the frying pan second piece also light movements we pour it in flour do not regret the flour than more layer of flour themes will taste better lay out on frying pan and so do with all our hepatic me Here and so here such mouth-watering slices
  • 03:36: now all of them go to frying pan and so we we have a full frying pan delicious chicken liver look here she already begins grind cooking began to close it lid because it is very important attention liver love to shoot from are in pieces and liver is very good Spray the oil in district can bounce can
  • 04:06: to explode so much its property therefore be sure to cover otherwise the whole your kitchen will be in liver and oil covered and from this the moment fry is three minutes on one side three minutes on the other side maybe you thought they needed fry more but no exactly three minutes to 1 3 minutes barga the same dared more chicken the liver is not fried the fact is that in the liver of many peoples is independent dish that is they
  • 04:36: eat her raw can even human liver which people eat in Africa is not abhor chicken the liver can be accurately there is a raw I really do not risk because I think that it's not very tasty I I love and fried fry it not for long if the chicken liver but in principle as in any other to fry it is obtained by rubber tough and not tasty you need to fry it slightly even 6 minutes three minutes to 1 3 minutes to another
  • 05:07: side and so while I there was a cracking time then probably already passed wait another minute and we turn so open look what we got there three minutes passed every bit urge turn over here so do not think she is I do not fry it well cooked doctor cube each
  • 05:40: a piece turn over and leave for another apply in three minutes our in love will be fully prepared and when our dish ready there and more precisely I have it I try this time of course too , and mine also here so here is a piece turn over like this everything is closed with a lid
  • 06:11: three minutes and try me of course I understand friends that my channel mostly the youth perhaps among my there are also whom about forty years old and this should remember the song of Jurassic Antonov like three minutes three minutes is a lot or it 's not enough here that's Yuri Antonov sang just about chicken liver here are three minutes on this
  • 06:41: side to fried and all of it ready to look and marvel at this livery already possible there is that now I and I will do so friends for dinner with me today is excellent tasty crumbly buckwheat with excellent delicious fried tender liver and well Of course, the sause cabbage Russian dish but the time and very
  • 07:11: tasty and simple mind from eat as they say well actually we'll see what do I have here it's my dinner looks like it looks all well we'll see naturally as taste well in the first place liver like this here are the pieces why are you here today actually here are going to try first how so it just melts in the mouth here with this method
  • 07:41: cooking is simple melts very tender with buckwheat combine frost on hooray well naturally with sauerkraut also sets the answer excellent buckwheat matrix cabbage
  • 08:11: the most important thing Responsible kettle to overeat good reason fire longer it no longer will be so gentle will be rubber or you will live here exactly as many complaints in the group for 1 3 minutes
  • 08:42: in another country exactly the same as body you put here is very tasty excellent result [music] [music] circling the gerd like always rule very simple and very
  • 09:12: tasty barbecue mine channel world of hundred Well, I have you already we will be bored saying goodbye who is not subscribed to my channel somehow reasons sign up because what will be next a lot of interesting leave your comments under this video that you are on this
  • 09:42: about think well, and put your likes if suddenly you I liked it with you goodbye to all for now