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WHAT CAN be PUT IN ONE TOEPLITZ Sevooborot in greenhouses  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] in this video, I'll tell you about my crop rotation in greenhouses location of plants and of course that You can and should not be put in one greenhouse on this subject a lot of talk but it's one thing to talk about a friend and buy some greenhouses for tomatoes peppers eggplants and cucumbers in the majority summer residents 1 6 meter greenhouse 3 meter conversations that tomatoes and cucumbers are needed different humidity of air is for industrial greenhouses
  • 00:32: if the humidity in them falls off sensors activate humidifiers and that in ours with you greenhouses the heat on street moisture humidity what will we do we include no humidifier, we just think like it may be whitewashed to make a greenhouse polycarbonate outside for southern regions or the simplest cover material task of creating a polycarbonate pussy minimal but a shadow for cucumbers in one greenhouse can grow and cucumber and
  • 01:03: Tomatoes and eggplants and peppers and melons can grow there if you have desire to grow them and for this not you need to apply no special effort just knowing one rule in the summer should be open at least one door and the window leaf always and day and night I say about the climate of the suburbs do not need to be afraid that at night summer temperature plus 15 or plus 13 degrees anything it will freeze or the plant will not be cold
  • 01:34: will be the biggest enemy for tomatoes, even for cucumbers and this condensate which is sure to be in If you close the doors especially if the day was sunny condensation source of all water droplet diseases which are formed not only on polycarbonate and beautiful leaves place for the development of pathogenic fungal greenhouse infections should be permanent air circulation therefore all sorts of partitions in the greenhouse for separation
  • 02:05: cucumbers and tomatoes not only useless waste of money and supplements on and obstacles to air flow if all plants can grow in one To greenhouse how to arrange them of course by grow the northern side high plants that give a large shadow of the highest cucumbers in our country growth indeterminate tomatoes that can rest on the ceiling and can be slightly lower, they also give a shadow but because of
  • 02:36: trimming of leaves and this shadow may not be as strong as cucumber further eggplant bushes which are almost always above the pepper chunks and most short-haired we have pepper and I want to talk more about I can not tell one of my observations exactly why it happens but I think that most likely because of the fact that the greenhouse has I was oriented crookedly they parallel fence Here in this place that I did not put there everything is growing in comparison
  • 03:06: better than anywhere at first I thought that this is a coincidence but it is repeated from year in the year not so long ago did not get caught information that the morning solar spectrum more to be present in blue autumn color does not give a plant stretch with his participation are formed short between knots but starting from the second half of the day until evenings in the spectrum and more and more red colors and red color does not affect fruiting I can tell whether this is so, but I looked
  • 03:38: on the location of their greenhouses and indeed this place is illuminated by me the whole day and shadows there never happens if you take also arranged and beds in the neighboring greenhouse, then here in the western The sun falls less because of the shade from 1 greenhouses remember the experiment hope is not naughty she grew seedlings under different phytochrome lamps one napkin chrome house on one shelf under a lamp giving a high a splash of red color seedlings blossomed
  • 04:10: on the second shelf where the red and blue color were in the same proportion of colors on seedlings was not a lamp under which seedlings are in bloom intended for growing crops and on the windowsill from here and its name phyto chrome house video of hope is not new and You can see the link at the top in the general, such an observation can come in handy and about the purchase of a greenhouse and so close to put greenhouses to each other at all
  • 04:40: a bad idea all this is immaterial in southern regions the more to the south the spectra are closer to the equator more red so everything is tastier there more sugar in the fruit of the greenhouse I have can be considered conditionally square as the size of 3 by 4 meters, but it happens The greenhouse is 3 meters wide and 8 meters high. length and such greenhouses can still be more practical west to east at this location and 3 beds a
  • 05:10: hence these are three levels of height plants it seems to me that the plant will be less shading each other's crop rotation in greenhouse to observe the crop rotation in me is obtained only with cucumbers as I said and I have two plants Cucumber is always on the northern side in end at the door that does not pass through Galicia 2 and so put in one greenhouse, then another change places with tomatoes with everything else to observe A crop rotation is very difficult almost always with
  • 05:42: this is the goal of soot and melon on the average bed, but if you plant in the same time melons on the side garden then pass on the aisle 50 centimeters already just unreal and yes, the harvest from the side There are no beds if there is a crop then only at the entrance there where the light passes 50 centimeters it is very small average bed should be done already about I always plant passes more aubergine on most sunny places and immediately in two
  • 06:14: greenhouses if you change something in their places it is only with peppers of crop rotation that can not be named since both plants belong to the Solanaceae family I plant at the entrance of a place at the entrance of me the sunniest distance between aubergines planted in one row there must be fifty-five six five centimeters but put them one next is not necessary at all applying active mulch no crop rotation on yield
  • 06:45: peppers and aubergines is not reflected in the average beds before planting tomatoes and I usually put them on the tracks I take off half or more of this layer and can shift to another bed where will grow eggplant or pepper in 2017 was a very cold spring and melons in I did not begin to plant the usual quantity it was clear that they did not have time to ripen and
  • 07:15: correctly did everything so it was instead of planted tomatoes and aubergines 2 medium crop rotation beds in 2017 I did not have a comment in the comments. said that I want to change the greenhouse though One question was about polycarbonate this is how it looks like a greenhouse was set in the spring of 2009 butt greenhouses Although there are no holes in the south
  • 07:45: therefore, I tend to assembling of polycarbonate was put not that side I want a width of 3 and a half or even four meters to make passes width at least seventy-five centimeters on it's one thing to want and the other the whole winter I did not go in a distant greenhouse, and since the fall for the first time going there I was shocked in the greenhouse a mole appeared, which means that no matter how
  • 08:16: beysya harvest will not begin truck farmers who want to apply active mulch very in vain thought that this funny little thing is not much harm bring in the greenhouse grid through cell two centimeters mole prolazit and On top of these nets was a bed she still one metal mesh galvanized with cell one centimeter visible from 2009 it was already falling apart now
  • 08:48: the question is that where because planting something in a greenhouse in which there is a mole does not make sense here mole worm food her larvae fertility I have to create there will be no mole eaten by all about the fact that in the greenhouse root hothouses are hanging in the air already does not matter and okay b climbed a greenhouse with holes on polycarbonate so there is no greenhouse which I did not intend to change here is
  • 09:18: if I do not have children remodel beds then I will not put anything in this greenhouse there is no sense if they change it will be entertaining video which you will see In spring and beginners farmers should be aware that the application is active mulch moles will be even if they are not present now I congratulate all women on the holiday Spring will soon be about growing cucumbers video can be viewed here
  • 09:48: how to get a big pepper crop aubergine cultivation about tomatoes will video soon but there is such a video of all good harvests with you was natalya morchkova channels site in the city about