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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends, gardeners and truck farmers again meet with you I Julia me it or him on the channel in a garden or in vegetable garden and first I want to thank you all because there are so many reviews you write numerous all sorts and advice and feedback it is very important therefore great thank you and today I want to dwell specifically on the question once and how are you still and grow it to be a good strong not stretched out to be later worthy
  • 00:32: harvest because I always believe that You can collect a good harvest beginning with the correct planting of seedlings with correcting the seed as you do it did at what temperature than processed in general a lot of all sorts of reasons and I do not agree with those who me tries to assure that the complete nonsense is not it is necessary to process anything by seeds it is not necessary
  • 01:03: soak 7 dry but unfortunately this year not only me but also many some seeds disappointed shoots are there, well, you can not imagine here I sowed both in a snail and in a box but again I want to compare that in snails seedling always comes off very well and very amicably feels in them well But all the same in containers and in boxes is it still? and then next time I'll tell you
  • 01:33: of course for comparison I'll show you yes, even here now Olya will show us and in snails what is worth seedling and in the box there are seedlings and all this seedling was planted at the same time but there may be an interval there one two days all physically impossible and immediately who so much to plant but the whole result of course in person and now I want to stop starting this Of course, first of all, the highlight in this
  • 02:04: I switched to the illumination of Ufa it's a lamp full of me arrange seedlings feel very well under these lamps is increasing the root system and green mass plants about lamps bicolor of course I do not I can say this more to the delight of again they are necessary for what in some plants take root very well
  • 02:35: there is a germination of seeds under these lamps that is, these lamps also have a place to be Now it is necessary to understand what is not only light and temperature are needed To plants here at present at me all the same here in a winter garden at me happens temperature 15 well rare case 18 degrees well, here it is arranged and here Here the heating is such
  • 03:06: the temperature is therefore a plant here comfortable and when I only see the first loops as soon as it starts to go down again she is in no way I start over her there is something to create something and some Hothouse conditions are warm and all plant seeds are already all they will curse and In the ground and if the first upstarts jumped out pops out and the rest do not be afraid not be careful not to remove the package as I do
  • 03:36: I remove the package of our court in the room where the temperature is 15 degrees I was asked I will answer the question in parallel questions but what about eggplant and pepper? Well, as they have you at this temperature in in general , everything grows very much even well, and when the plant has already gone into Generally I think that it is not so important here this is more important, even important is not so it is important and important to lower the temperature
  • 04:07: so seedlings are not stretched but Do not forget and of course about some I do not speak about global nutrition top dressing and there many developed yeast poured there or something else I do not it I use everything should be in reasonable quantities and in some kind of harmony and Backlight and temperature and the same thing feeding and I'm just now here I am prepared I want to show you
  • 04:38: than I use than I feed seedlings so that she was like this life hardy so she does not stretched first of all did not stretch sometimes seedlings because of what the light still does not stretch enough but the temperature is okay and temperature even low temperature good lack of light and lack of light Feeding and plant you screams that something he needs and you can not understand and now I will share with you
  • 05:10: than I use it certainly gumat potassium but feeding my seedlings I I never take for a manifested rate that there is a permissible rate of up to 5 liters cap it will be my regiment to talk to the floor cap that is I do sitting top dressing and do not do it often I look on plants the plant itself will prompt that But they need this here potassium humate with
  • 05:41: than I still use this here is this fertilizer and cola eco- friendly called seedlings I'm very pleased with this fertilizer. can be and foliar top dressing and yes Root top dressing and soaking of seeds in In general, it is very, very and presowing Soil cultivation , you are worth it fertilizer it me very, very happy
  • 06:13: there is such a biomaster is the prevention of diseases, too, it very very good tool I used them Last year and this year I have even there were still bubbles I told them I use and very well here from the same it's all from this series showed exactly the elixir for health you know this really elixir 1 x
  • 06:43: Yes, I'm doing here like that's like this Injection I pass around the seedlings not just as many people say I will go up and and stroking well, your hand and iron, but you are better Approach and some help will Prove spraying seedlings and here then this is the means she is ready to use of
  • 07:13: It is a stimulation of active growth and Root formation is by the way on the roots last year I tried shed the plant with a rootstock to me I liked it I did not like it To use the athlete and rootstock and I as if by this means for seedling said no why because maybe you even involuntarily did an overdose and for plants this is a very very bad athlete can so slow down the plant that you
  • 07:45: then in the greenhouse it will take you a long time come feelings and will not get Growth, therefore , the cutlet's cutlet please come up with something like this prudence is kornevin yes it is good for rooting cuttings for everything else but for watering this year's own said no and that's it this one's here bubble here is very much how I still imagine buy very good is the stimulation of an active growth prevention of fungal and viral
  • 08:16: and bacterial diseases of withdrawal stress from negative impacts the environment improvement of survival and adaptation plants and of course very much what pleases that it is water gel solution chitosan in the lactic acid-based there is nothing here like this We will not have a fashion in this means but the result is here
  • 08:48: To see if the seedlings are like herself feels like I'm doing watering beauty is very much it is worth racking and jumping with a watering can it in general it's very very problematic for me here such a sprayer is what I use it for I bought of course I bought it as sprinkle a plant But it is very convenient of course when it grows seedlings are various foliar ones feeding and it is very convenient for watering
  • 09:18: what I do I water it with water is worth defends but about water I want to say that also I sometimes ask a question as in July water in the greenhouse cold water tomatoes there tomatoes cucumber I have cold water on my head cucumber hose fog hanging but the fact is that the whole my seedling is accustomed to seedlings do not have I would take such a heat to
  • 09:51: the water was warm there I can not a huge amount of warm water so I have a kind of seedling here is the tempering and I've bought here this is the device for spraying what I did I took off with his main spray bar is I have here now turned out such as to the stick before the field bullet and now I you will show how I water the plants Yannis rake watered something it is convenient
  • 10:24: we can reach out to every plant and each plant will get it either top dressing before or watering here I am now I'll show you how he frames and here did not try or taste here so buzz here look here here and so you see a small one trickle if you need to make a pallet in Palin in the tray, I'm pouring it like this
  • 10:54: water from it selection here it is visible even now I here shall show here See here is such a water I that is very convenient and how to feed and water their own plants I still want it right away because it's all the same time or even a single whole soil send photos in general show that there is a drying out leaves drying up the leaves of plants in
  • 11:26: than there can be a reason it can be one of the reasons is the large percentage of peat in it is also very much like badly because last year I was Joy for buying a car peat and planted the plants were mine plants where I added a large percentage peat and just like that he too carries with it sometimes irreversible processes neues do not abuse peat
  • 11:57: everything should be in moderation on the coconut again I return many substrates here I planted pepper coconut tablets he had I stand on the freezing point does not grow Yes, he will not grow coconut coconut tablet It is a substrate in which there is no absolutely no power it's so he sterile again I use it for that somewhere can be up to
  • 12:29: mulch plants yes well let's say mulch sowing tomato seeds there pepper or any other plants from above sprinkle Again, coconut substrate but my dear ones put your bet on coconut tablets and Do not hold a long plant in them if they you in a rag and you see that everything the plant has risen necessarily this rag
  • 13:00: because we are assured that for the sake of the roots break through this rag but I Also there was a deplorable experience when you buy in the flower pot and yes it is seen planted here in this peat pills and you have it transplanted you see that even the roots can not pierce this rag so we are straining and put it on the wood in nutritious ground Well Well here such one can say yes and the logical one of too time bolt logical video I I want to sum up what is all the same
  • 13:30: it is necessary for beauty this first light this is the highlight if many now say there is sun but Now all the same the sun is not enough and some kind of plant illumination after all just need to at least highlight in the evening a little highlight it is certainly the next that this temperature regime try to somehow protect your plants
  • 14:00: from the temperature that is This room can be made like a curtain for a cover material just to for the night these curtains to cover shelves and not give warm access from the room I assure you they will not stretch because I'm through it passed and of course it should be helpers do not abuse everything in moderation these are all these are the drugs I showed you
  • 14:32: like bread in the movie it's not chemistry it's all natural therefore you can use and stimulate this way the growth of plants and yet this I let down result and immediately what I know will be asked a question that smiles very good paprika pepper eggplant is by the way not all rosado rosado is even smarter planted several several terms sow it all
  • 15:04: will only be decapitated partially something left in the cochlea when everything will be carried out in the greenhouse When the weather allows the seedlings to endure in Now it's nothing to touch the greenhouse. will plant good they give the real leaf is not oppressed feel itself very well but here perhaps briefly, I wanted to show you Prasade and with you was Julia me it on
  • 15:34: canal in the garden whether in the garden while Rostov and plants here both as a on the sidewalk, he was placed neatly spanish