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  • 00:00: face lifting from what he depends on all familiar to the pain picture I hope muscles are normal balanced bone muscular corset that is is not balanced only in our own A picture of the face but also of Neurotic Helmets our here is this part chapters interdependent structure when everything balanced tap is tight fine unfortunately with age is not easy itself a
  • 00:30: musculature is included in increased tone and contract to the center but also namely structures large temporal chewing area musculature under impact destructive distortion effect postural distortion static neck all this how these somehow crochet if in 100 itself where zones hood this hood is pulled over the face and poor facial expressions little muscles they literally
  • 01:00: skedozhivayutsya to center so if we want to have fabrics with good lifting tensioned on supports everyone is familiar with this movement to me here a little bit like this a little bit here then here this movement is this We are a little bit today and we will do support our face We have some initial data some kind of face the shape of a face it does not arise as then suddenly out of the shape of the face
  • 01:30: dictates the shape of the skull submitted injured this is a rectangle square triangle oval trapezoidal rhomboid shape face and now I'm you set small for us a riddle before you have a face triangular face trapezoid like you think which of these girls will go to the age of more with a guard face to who was lucky with
  • 02:00: birth more I'm waiting for your answers not feel free to write even if wrong i correct for that we are here and gathered triangular shape faces when here narrow bottom face and upper frontal part of itself is and parietal bones they so more open such extended and Trapezoid forum when the bottom is wider and above the square continues to drag and parietal bones stand
  • 02:30: from tight and lobik for a puddle to him at night to top trapezoid 1 hears the first bullet first 1 on the left or 1 right trapezoid triangular brown-haired
  • 03:00: more lucky trapezoidal triangular and kind evening again trapezoidal view divided path along is stored here to some extent the rightness of which already for trapezoidal face will be preserved more why on in fact return to the forms persons really the most ideal stable face this is so we say rectangle when width of arbo
  • 03:30: is equal to the width h of the bottom this is the perfect jaw stable form which is the most is resistant to all news distortion but women were not all obey girls to and from the right that it's that pizza you can see and when, after a little wider it will be more more sustainable is so those people who lucky since birth have kinetic a good massive wide their jaw they age are more
  • 04:00: are saved because this is the same support therefore again arguing in result should understand with what you came to Rome tonic how much is your face fits into this equestrian rectangle or does not fit faces of narrowed faces triangular type by itself this most likely area of ​​risk on an earlier the emergence of age
  • 04:30: change but it's about volume that on the contrary those how would those people have which are not very good data work is necessary doubly with a large enthusiasm for save yourself because exactly chewing musculature it is responsible for the form face and for the proportions of how do they change with age well, except that with than came to this world The rest of us
  • 05:01: the ball rules chewing musculature classical techniques work with chewing muscles, including their can be applied after classic click can be supplemented by these stretch marks mikrik element all please can both autonomous Exercise separately deep study chewing muscles hooked along the length
  • 05:31: hooks to all of us already familiar technique of slaves with a piece we remember that we got stuck on something and leaf and we study it in position o can be in position weight o let's try in the position on thumb is big rests on an angle jaw drowned through titanium pile The hook began to be lines of cheekbones and
  • 06:01: this tendency the muscles begin have a contact flatly straight stuck plunged tissues and begin deep crocheting down on the angle of the brush came to the jaw and
  • 06:32: vertical direction too thumb is big on angle through te hooks along the line of cheekbones and your task is literally dive straight on 2 crank attach directly turn as hooks lead we rotate that there caught the tissue is not just slipped
  • 07:02: look will be visual difference it is visible or not here I doing the wrong thing i I will say it wrong but now do pick up turning the finger difference I hope saw and try on itself it would be with a finger swipe have not stuck stretch marks
  • 07:36: all in shouts and in The element is cries to us and classical aircraft technicians only from the line of cheekbones and you can not throw a temple categorically we just come from from cool its malar bone here we have the course only from her down