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Buckwheat DIET for weight loss - The CHEAP way GROW THIN in 14 DAYS on 10 KG - YouTube

Buckwheat DIET for weight loss - The CHEAP way GROW THIN in 14 DAYS on 10 KG - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Welcome to Our channel in this video we will tell you about buckwheat diet be sure watch this video to the end at the end we let's talk about the menu at 14 days and give recommendations on the way out of the diet if the video is useful to you then put it and subscribe to our channel buckwheat diet buckwheat diet for slimming for 14 days one of the simplest and effective ways to lose weight average daily caloric intake 970 kcal main product
  • 00:30: diet is buckwheat buckwheat buckwheat saturated with calcium potassium and magnesium iron rich in protein 5.93 per cent and vitamin B which reduces harm from buckwheat diet for organism with buckwheat diet it is necessary do sport it can be walking swimming yoga fitness or dancing varieties buckwheat diet first type of mono-diet eat only buckwheat and not carbonated water
  • 01:00: Duration diets 2-3 days a second type of kefir buckwheat diet buckwheat can be added 1 liter of yogurt one per cent in day duration 7 14 days the third type lighter buckwheat diet can be added to ration honey dried fruits lean meat and cottage cheese fresh fruit and vegetables decoction of herbs and any of these diets can be repeated not more than once in 3-4 months contraindication
  • 01:30: buckwheat diet pregnancy and lactation of depression diabetes dysbiosis high physical hypertensive loads diseases gastrointestinal tract renal and cardiac failure organ surgeries abdominal cavity the benefits of buckwheat diet quick effect and high efficiency body cleansing there is no restriction on amount consumed buckwheat porridge reduction of cellulite improving the external type of skin and nails with
  • 02:00: correct exit from diet weight loss not returned limitations exacerbation chronic diseases possibly reducing arterial pressures at observance rigidly buckwheat diet there is a general depletion daily shortage salt and sugar can disrupt the exchange substances additional admission integrated multivitamin basic drugs dietary rules for buckwheat diet the most important buckwheat diet is correct and cooking
  • 02:30: buckwheat is not recommended because when cooking all useful material which I are contained prohibited products alcohol sugar and sugar-containing products any spices and sauces exclude completely salt from the ration days recommended last meal should not be in less than 4 hours before sleep method cooking dietary buckwheat porridge on one day is getting ready porridge from one a glass of cheese buckwheat groats the first cold
  • 03:00: way buckwheat Groats are poured warm water in the ratio one to three we leave in a warm place for the night second steaming in thermos buckwheat is necessary put in a thermos bottle and pour boiling water one to two for half an hour the third buckwheat porridge on kefir 100 gram raw buckwheat pour 250 grams of low-fat kefir and leave on night at room temperature cooking method we will leave in description to this video
  • 03:30: recommended menu buckwheat diet for slimming for 14 days first week Monday Breakfast buckwheat porridge black tea without sugar tea a spoonful of honey vegetable soup lunch afternoon snack any fruit except bananas and dates dinner stew Buckwheat with mushrooms and Onion Tuesday Breakfast a happy and raw vegetables except for starchy lunch milk soup with buckwheat on low-fat milk Afternoon snack kefir dinner porridge from buckwheat new body and boiled egg
  • 04:01: Wednesday Thursday Friday for today allowed to eat only buckwheat porridge prepared by any of 3 of the above ways of be sure drinking regime with weakness and dizziness can eat some honey Saturday breakfast porridge buckwheat with butter butter without Lunch of low-fat chicken broth with herbs afternoon snack mix dried fruits cauliflower dinner fried in batter greching Sunday breakfast porridge by any means
  • 04:31: starchy vegetables green tea lunch cold vegetable soup mid-morning snack low fat yogurt Dinner grech greens boiled egg 2 weeks Monday Breakfast buckwheat 150 grams low-fat cottage cheese tea on the grasses lunch vegetable salad 100 grams chicken breast or any other low-fat meat mid-morning snack low fat kefir buckwheat cereal dinner with fresh vegetables horizontal Wednesday During the day, you can there is only buckwheat
  • 05:02: porridge compliance drinking regime strong weaknesses or dizziness need to eat some honey or to drink strong black tea friday porridge breakfast with butter loose coffee without sugar vegetable dinner soup snack dried fruit porridge dinner vegetables hard cheese Saturday breakfast porridge dried fruit tea without sugar lunch lentil soup mid-morning snack low fat kefir or fermented baked milk
  • 05:32: Dinner of buckwheat porridge stewed with mushrooms and Sunday vegetables Breakfast buckwheat low-fat cottage cheese tea on herbs lunch is not fat broth with egg and greenery snack nuts natural yoghurt Dinner porridge with vegetables and boiled chicken breast opinion of doctors doctors recommend observe only facilitated buckwheat diet before the beginning is necessary consult gastroenterologist and dietician for any deterioration in
  • 06:02: the period of the groin of money stop the diet recommendations on exit from the diet fractional power in small portions limitation use sweets Drink daily 2 liter of water if the video was useful to you then put like and subscribe to our channel go see description for the video then we leave a useful information for you