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Belyashes\u000aDough well rises, turns out \

Belyashes\u000aDough well rises, turns out \"magnificent\", easily and just to work with it. When frying absorbs not enough oil and the crust turns out very thin and crackling, and a crumb air.\u000aWhat is necessary: \u000a1,5 glasses of milk\u000a20 g of fresh yeast (5 g dry SAF type)\u000a3 glasses of flour\u000a1 tbsps with a sugar hill\u000a1,5 tsps of salt\u000a30 ml pods. oils + 30 g of butter (it is possible to replace everything with margarine)\u000a500-600g mincemeat, 1 average bulb, salt, pepper.\u000aPreparation: \u000aTo warm up milk in a small pan to 40 ° C,

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