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  • 00:00: hello friends now I will show 15 best things gadgets sold at trading platforms aliexpress and gearbest write in comments which goods to you more liked everything let's go well and if you do you want save on your shopping on the Internet then I advise you the most best tested smarty cacheback service sail it returns to 30 percent of any purchasing in a variety online stores instantaneous output means without the minimum amount for O faster
  • 00:30: register the link I left in description foldable silicone bottle for water will be excellent assistant athletes to tourists and those people who conduct an active image life the most important plus it is compact made of strong silicone it can be added up to tiny taking up a lot of space in sports bag convenient strap on The bottle will allow you do not be afraid that she will slip out from your hands [music]
  • 01:02: Well, if you want see this the rainbow is not be sure to wait for her after rain on allexpress you can buy glass triangular prism which refracts light and in the final as a result we see beautiful and very real rainbow will be excellent a gift to a beginner Physics [music] new super strong and
  • 01:40: strong adhesive tape that works even under water lasting rubberized waterproof which creates a flexible barrier and eliminates any leakage it repels water and stops leaks instantly scotch tape specially is designed to quickly cope with he can be applied in a warm or cold time at wet or dry cover and even under water with its help easily solve any domestic difficulties Related leaky cracks and breakdowns [music] set of candles for
  • 02:21: birthday will certainly surprise guests and make your birthday unforgettable grief magical colorful flame in the set 6 candles with holders green orange red and other colors each candle is lit 8 minutes candles with colorful flames intended for festive atmosphere you can decorate them room or table for a romantic supper [music] irreplaceable
  • 03:00: assistant in the kitchen The automatic device for cleaning of fruits and vegetables devices helps a few minutes, peel off the any vegetables and fruits his work is complete Automated that very convenient during cleaning products participation of a person is not need machine itself keeps a vegetable or a fruit and a knife yourself moves around cutting surfaces layer after layer of thin peel or zest [music] [music]
  • 03:33: radio-controlled mini spy tank with built-in video camera transmitting streaming video with sound in real time in the body toys installed camera that allows view online video and record interesting videos a also do photos directly to travel time for management is used smartphone or tablet which connects to the tank as a point
  • 04:03: access wi-fi camera mobile can shoot under different angle caterpillar drive provides maneuverability high throughput and opportunity turn on the spot [music] radio-controlled robot dog it unique radio-controlled a robot that has realistic dogs can show different emotions produce sounds interactive puppy
  • 04:34: Dalmatian can go to wag tail dog controlled by remote control distance management doggie is enough mobile quick that will be particularly nice for children will be excellent a gift for the new year [music] silicone gloves
  • 05:14: endure temperature 200 degrees are not afraid of either fire is not hot water Now you can turn cooking products do not directly resorting to help forceps and absolutely not for fear of burns glove can be work as tack order to search by all over the kitchen than to grab a hot baking sheet or hot cake shape glove will help take out all of a hot oven gloves water repellent and watertight then you can take out boiled eggs straight out of boiling water [music]
  • 05:44: napkins pressed individual hygienic means which takes very little space product consists of environmentally friendly and absolutely safe materials all you need for use of napkins get it her from the individual packaging and some she immediately moistens it absorbs moisture and will become full napkin which you can wipe your hands face of the body and fruits and vegetables will
  • 06:14: ideal and irreplaceable assistant during trips outside the city or travel and super gift for connoisseurs of all original and unusual [applause] [music] small auto cleaning device ears which runs from accumulator it is applied for safe cleaning
  • 06:44: ears and sulfur children and adults sulfur neatly removed from external auditory flow through silicone tip that at operating rotates with regulated speed [music] whom in pursuit of originality with every day all more and more different ideas and solutions for home one of these is desktop
  • 07:14: luminaire with thread using this You can create a pleasant homely atmosphere thanks to his unusual pleasant glow [music] main attribute New Year's holidays of course tree if she dances under a merry tune this is an excellent gift for each christmas the mood for you
  • 07:44: provided if your tree dances under beautiful melody if you turn it on for a melody sounds and fir-tree launch into dance to the dancing There are no stars and toys in order not to broke up in dance but she is dressed up in red gloves and santa claus cap You can also buy and dancing santa claus who is so energetically twists hoop and [music] it's electric skateboard
  • 08:15: electroscale set in motion through wireless the control panel which also is responsible for speed control other management occurs as on a normal skateboard wireless remote control with range of action 10 meters will allow you easy to manage electroscale is one of main features electroscale that he has special application for phones that monitors state hermitage board [music] they are ordinary lights
  • 08:51: laces specially developed for those who does not represent life without clubs and just loves produce impression astonish from the crowd lights on laces world king so your movements come running and enjoying freedom and surprising passers-by It is not simple luminous shoelace is flexible neon wire which can find many different applications and the timer for x is
  • 09:24: small and small functional device that without problems will help you cook eggs boiled and in smyatku you no longer need will worry about to notify time on your phone or to foresee and when they are ready timer for cooking eggs will take care of everything difficulties associated with definition optimal time on this I finish do not forget to look these videos are all good luck and bye