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  • 00:00: [music] dear friends, a big, big hello they prepare five different very delicious and interesting toppings for pancakes I'll make pancakes with full sun but also after filling and suitable for stuffed pancakes let Prepare the filling for pancakes for Pripek I put the pan on to heat up fire poured a little vegetable oil And so finely sliced two pretty large bulbs I have this bow will
  • 00:30: several toppings add a little onion will be fried fry 34 minutes until onion is soft Here begins a little bit bow gilded I I add the mushrooms and I will add myself pinyons I had them frozen and years thawed and very, very small sliced but of course also possible to add fresh mushrooms and fresh if then
  • 01:00: We need to wait for when the water is evaporated and then a few minutes to fry onion until golden add salt and fry another saucer Well, that's fine first filling is ready filling the second we will have potatoes
  • 01:30: very very tasty and fragrant for her again we need onions again I poured a little oil to a preheated frying pan and fry the onion But it's nice golden brown onions here so a little bit of gilding and now I'm adding a very important ingredient in the potato filling it Spice first I myself bow Ambassador Now add your favorite spices I add red
  • 02:01: Al red sweet paprika and it is it will give him a nice color foot hot chili's and Now it all together fry for another minute and then I will add cubes potatoes potatoes I boil in their skins and Now cut into small cubes smaller general You can add any spices to your discretion to taste, you can add Italian Oregano any thread Provencal herbs will also be very tasty Well, that's a very secular warmed
  • 02:33: fragrant store and now I add here cube sliced potatoes literally fry one minute together next filling is sly and onion toppings I want to add a little brisket here but just 30 grams I'm probably just a little dripped sunflower oil as herself Brisket with fat now I'm a couple of minutes
  • 03:04: Fry the bacon and then add a bus Well, in addition to the baskets can add any captcha Nosta quite a bit you can add as purely for the smell to Now here I add onions finely sliced fried together to complete soft onions and a pleasure golden sly filling is ready, I salted it and
  • 03:35: pepper still remained two toppings egg filling for her I decoction 4 eggs And so finely sliced ​​very finely finely possible, in principle, mash with a fork I did add salt to the line and add chopped greens but mostly I have here green onions and a little dill and I put a little bit more for chicken filling
  • 04:06: here I have a chicken boiled crayfish to his salted during cooking, it is then so, too, very, very finely chopped and here also I add a bit of green onion Both stuffing mix now beginning fry pancakes with full sun with different fillings I have the dough from the last video this dough on kefir Pancakes are obtained very tasty air soft in the hole but generally words suitable for any dough pancakes that you like on your discretion now have two options
  • 04:36: you can distribute the filling on a thin pan and pour it over the test but I more like an option on the contrary, I first distributed ladle test for a frying pan and then say so I scatter the stuffing but it is still 5 to your notice number and then until the filling raw at least until the dough raw distribute the stuffing that it will grab on the other hand I managed to podzolotilsya
  • 05:07: turn over another pancake slabsided I do not pour my sexual batter and immediately we distribute the stuffing while raw dough again podzolotilsya overturn one pancake prepared
  • 05:43: look how cute Now the potato now want to add potatoes still needs to be done very, very small cubes I made more so here it is milled all the same course fragrant very tasty Well, that would be ideal to have cubes very tiny so we look like environment mushrooms roasted smell as recently it's beguiling sly
  • 06:17: Look how mouth-watering pancakes turned kind of sleep with onions and mushrooms with potatoes and chicken for every taste beaters produce stunning delicious very unusual and very fragrant look beautiful on the table try I cook all my heart I wish you Bon appetite and put the Huskies subscribe to the channel, see other
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