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The most successful recipe of pancakes (pancakes) on kefir  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] dear friends, great big hello Today we prepare amazingly tasty pancakes with kefir Pancakes are obtained very tasty thin soft and gentle fine suitable for both sweet and savory way stuffing recipe is a simple but very I think a good many familiar pancakes It turns out very tasty soft this recipe with kefir can also be prepared pancakes with milk is also very simple recipe he is on
  • 00:30: I can credit channel necessarily leave in the description below the video but for us pancakes with kefir he will need 500 milliliters of yogurt I am driven into the palace of yogurt and add major half teaspoon salt one or two tablespoons spoons of sugar if you like sweet pancakes then add more than sugar and now everything carefully Now we need to mix 2 cups flour 160 grams of my cup
  • 01:03: non-standard so that's turned out not remember in the flour, I add half teaspoon baking soda yogurt extinguish just the soda or rather acid contained in kefir soda to extinguish I'm here to chat I add flour stirred kefir and egg I have now started kneading 1 cup at once followed by a second and knead the dough without lumps
  • 01:35: you can use a mixer but when such a thick heart easy lumps using corolla Here is a break in the end it turned absolutely homogeneous dough without lumps and now here I pour 250 milliliters of boiling water therefore we brew like dough, and kill stir
  • 02:08: with the last add a couple tablespoons vegetable oil more time we definitively mixed and dough pancakes ready for the first pancake, I greased pan and then no longer be removing ladle test I distribute set on fire and watch as
  • 02:41: bubbles are formed apologize my neighbors are drilled willingly with the minute hand gilding Pancake flip fry on the other hand here half a minute on the other side and that's such a beautiful delicate pancake prepared as fry remaining pancakes Again we pour ladle distribute and again as soon as the gilding what
  • 03:26: this beyond this attention and guarantee more half a minute on the other hand this is the second hunk is ready to turn pancakes very very tasty and tender, soft Try to cook the heart of my heart I wish you enjoy your meal put huskies subscribe to the channel, see other my recipes