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  • 00:00: good and not the day of my dear subscribers amateur cook and I visit my channel I invite you to visit to his kitchen today I want to offer you a recipe as a poison purchased and for our recipe we need such Now university belt then take 3 cups 300 milk 3 eggs 2 cups flour
  • 00:30: salt sugar Now show how we place I a little milk heating for that there was no help as we have come here to me about Vovochka put to us did not help Milk should be a little bit lukewarm
  • 01:00: velas we need Mediocre me if we break into a bowl a only tax 2 finish drill
  • 01:39: [music] sorry, I'm sorry window urgent call It was needed respond to the 2 and 3 I I pour it just so cold 3 eggs
  • 02:17: 3 cup milk and 2 cups flour we if you want to and make sweet pancakes you not clave much more sugar if you want to make and salty there Pasha smooth very tired salty salt means less is therefore more sugar sweet
  • 02:47: Well, in short this is how I but just put the fourth part salt spoon because I have are sweet pancakes put 3 tablespoons spoons of sugar this is normal in our Now taste it It is not very Do not sweet to these are the three sacred spoon if someone He loves even sweeter yet
  • 03:18: positive and we It needs still to you 3 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 2 and 3 stir
  • 03:49: level to ensure that our eggs with connect with jelly our salt and sugar gradually whom I I immediately went a sieve is here just my I measured out Two cups of flour and I add a little little added how to kill You need one handle
  • 04:19: add another mix all try this He pancakes recipe delicious pancakes obtained tender gentle with such holes obtained very delicate beautiful and delicious pancakes test turn out not very thick and does not very liquid so that's a good average I long went to the to
  • 04:49: select sense choose which currently recipe to me he I like and I could oven it is not normally I'll be going through thick are here pancakes with local System thick liquid Well in short I You understand what I wanted to say so I have found so to say gold middle of this
  • 05:19: the recipe that I have now its peak so there certainly not one Well this recipe so to speak the royal the best Try your very like I did not give anyone the recipe all very liked and they constantly their baked well, Here is the last meal I
  • 05:51: spread ground sifting here it is sure to flour We need to sift you have turned dough from air no lumps horoshenechko will score well all this can make sure I sometimes mixer I am doing so so do Bed meat need
  • 06:24: break away from the rice I It makes the skin very Well, all delicious so we have added here you have a glass of milk 3 eggs 2 cups flour at table spoon sugar because my sweet and clay only a quarter part of a teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons sunflower oil horoshenechko dough
  • 06:55: vzobem It turns out not very thick but not very fluid and give relax for five minutes he is so far stove until then we breathe our dough Our dough is ready we give little
  • 07:26: rest and I'm starting to bake 1 I add a little bit sunflower oil Now then Later I I add from kulechka sunflower and weight We turn on our plate
  • 07:56: that she warmed up I auction I hope to leave quite normal I'll be right down the camera close so that you can look like the course is not very A good test is very even repeated that it is not liquid and not the foundations of a great
  • 08:26: the dough is very like recipe this recipe to me yes Okay well I'm a grandmother Well let's say there is no five ago if not more she just asked me pancakes this turned on holiday so we have pancakes here and there Russia when children our we learned all it brought pancakes It has been in the music school and were treated here this grandmother hung
  • 08:57: his grandson, even school musical These pancakes I try to eat they are not very I liked her We asked a prescription do not let him, and here he is in We already caught among other things, even more so now I have so the son of 18 years, he finished music schools so so many years later I have here this recipe even greater Well foot forward we warm up skovorodochku I am right now prepare a plate
  • 09:27: that we spread our pancakes such Now a plate close the camera have a look Well, that's just a little close chat show you to see here so here's the dough a very good structure well and we click our pancakes I
  • 09:58: so here's cats interesting Monica on Here is such a me twin leaves one not very full this Now spray It is not quite warmed course will wait Here's a yummy if you like to your pancakes were such a little
  • 10:28: zhirnenky so you can not how to explain when already provide they will spread Only on a plate sure they can itself somewhere nearby deliver Carnival and take oil brush and grease the top butter and You can even pieces that's so spread out Cut the top and I Now I will show you Suddenly someone So I need this here put our
  • 10:59: mass Lena and hello I cut this we this until warmed plate Now including double and will be such an oven frosted pancakes will
  • 11:29: Well I have warmed the pancake, too dozharyatsya yet warmed pan now go certainly much quickly because already I warmed up like this I like a little faith over here and just across skovorodochke We distribute our here So a lot of these
  • 12:03: pancakes are pancakes I repeat very tasty and tender try please retseptik when there is a carnival Of course, I and q are different Hire course sure I It has a pale cake pancakes stuffed pancakes bags a lot of recipes I have there pancakes bags of course there
  • 12:36: completely different composition here ingredients here each recipe, as it were He has some sort of their addition so that necessarily show without it now, I like u just sweet This pancake pancakes my spirit and I poured just nothing I heated skovorodochku so it happened and gentle gentle turns
  • 13:13: very tender although I want to say I pour a lot if you look a Here is such a spray it decent but a lot get pancakes gentle so straight here apparently during baking that diverges get a very small add more I'm not care one
  • 13:52: Pancake, and I will not tell you show how bake avoid probably all know how therefore escape pancakes speak at all then show which you went result when pour another Lynch face tochechek Polonik with fluid necessary before how to pour here again
  • 14:23: I wanted to say stir because that the liquid remains It settles to the bottom and it turns out there is a thick their skin is and permanent way Stir when here we pour our fluid skovorodochku here such a handsome Now it turns out I another you bake I turned still there to bake for the other side because
  • 14:53: I have not turned it dopilsya then stack all the pancakes and I will show you Now will show you how of butter Here is spread on these leaves like this So we quietly while another will roast me I have another beater I show you what I'll do with the pancakes here and so take
  • 15:30: maslitse like this a piece of butter and Shiva here here here on Pancake and it looks immediately begins put right He begins to say that so here are three pieces but says I said that if you want to It has long been simpler that and so that's me particularly difficult then you can melted butter brush brothers smear here and so thus take
  • 16:04: and report back maslichko Well my good Now I have a fire you a pancake and then will she fry to you all this does not show then do not shoot pancake here, and we put the next beater this one still on top just chop a little bit of butter on your taste what you want want more to have been Pancake want less than this is your taste
  • 16:34: Well I love all Lencic then show you because it also shows how It is not particularly desirable so everyone knows how to bake Well, that's my pancakes good what we buckwheat turned Such are the rosy beautiful and stand rules I turned the dough here It turned out so I'm pancakes I will show you what they
  • 17:04: beautiful look which holes see what they fishnet dad boletus flowing oil Beautiful long we Well it turned out well I say goodbye to you and I wish you as always very good and very good prepare these pancakes, I think that sure you like well, you as always was Elena until we meet again until