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Fragrant scalded pancakes on kefir.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I welcome all to its channel today I decided to contact you little cooking treat and try new recipe pancakes kefir I had a long time ago expound video on how I bake pancakes and told I love pancakes on milk in general and today tried in his mother on pancakes yogurt you imagine what they are what they are delicious Air what they I have decided to tender try you together to bake pancakes
  • 00:30: if someone is interesting, and someone He wants to be with I place cook these pancakes I invite everyone to laptop screen tablets TV and start cook with get me on the floor liter of kefir kefir principle has difference what you I take fat I took a one percent in general it will be more Diet pancakes I make one egg
  • 01:00: I always principle I am looking for some pancakes on one so we face You need flour sugar salt I here baking soda and need it will pay off well vinegar natural container and still need to and the usual Vodicka vegetable oil and that begin whisk egg and our it must be
  • 01:30: mix stir and pour half a liter Our kefir well in Generally you will see who themselves on how to how many people do I make half a liter we We love very pancakes That's what I decided to do
  • 02:00: little bit more one family does much as possible in the general then one even Victor pour in so then you need salt sugar salt I add to taste like sweet salty Now we pancakes
  • 02:31: here add our Sugar Sugar watching I love the eyes on to They were grade salt Now we need
  • 03:04: to repay our soda vinegar I take the floor where tea but not polchaynoy but somewhere so a spoonful of soda I extinguish it with vinegar I do not like to smell of soda in products like
  • 03:40: bubbled etc., we need to pour the flour to him pour on the eye the dough should be like pancakes on it
  • 04:11: Whisk possible do hands as you are accustomed to here the dough should be our turn but somewhere That is now
  • 04:42: shoplifting cream Now tell us here adding of butter somewhere 50 grams of there and I also always brew their
  • 05:16: water when they are porous become thin Well, in principle, if dough thickens too can be diluted Vodicka Basically our dough ready no lumps
  • 05:47: warm up with our pan until seen our first salsa ck begrudge skovorodochke then our pan good enough hands strayed grease plentifully of butter and will try to bake
  • 06:18: so our first pancake browned pancake in general, that and without any difficulties he quietly, in general, withdrawn from pans try it quite difficult to
  • 06:49: I only thermistor it is not very grill because then they become more such rigid and only slightly in the heat so Vayu lubricating skovorodochku face and bake another pancake
  • 07:24: Pancakes very soon You are here Nozdryov they have obtained rosy and fragrant Try nothing complex and really
  • 07:54: delicious and diversity general it down to that They are somewhat different from pancakes to milk I also ate at the kvass and beer is also very delicious pancakes if someone interesting I I will prepare this recipe and all and our pancake
  • 08:24: willing to try prepare these fragrant and delicious pancakes look What they got ruddy and very, very Delicious for breakfast on lunch and even for dinner Generally it is possible to pamper yourself these pancakes for breakfast at all very sweet deal a cup of tea or a cup of coffee yes even with milk and this pancake is very tasty feed they can and
  • 08:55: jam and honey, with jam and butter and with sour cream and Stuffed in general then it is to your taste I have here a pancake and poured syrup from the Victoria & Now I will drink tea all pleasant appetite thanks to all who remained on my channel and prepare please in my all prescription bon appetit bye Bye