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House Pancakes Velvet (Pancakes) Not really Tasty!. \/ Homemade Pancakes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my dear viewers Followers Maslenitsa pancakes we all utter a word and we will bake length today we will bake
  • 00:32: velvet pancakes delicious fast are prepared from the heat of the heat will be immediately eat pancakes so let's get ready for cooking I need a cup of flour already sifted 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sugar pinch of salt 2 cups of milk and Two tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • 01:03: eggs in a bowl pour all I kneading mixer vzobem eggs in an egg We have been whipped into a foam instantly add a glass of milk salt biting again beating can even say mix is now gradually introducing flour mix the rest of the mixture We introduce the flour mix to the disappearance of
  • 01:42: I poured milk only one glass because it is easier to break up lumps and then add the remaining milk pour the rest of milk and two tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oil mix completely before frying pancakes 1 smazhem little pan with vegetable
  • 02:13: oil Spear does not handle the heat, I always 2 pans I have for this purpose special pancake pan not just guess fry on low heat for best
  • 02:45: Firstly pancakes I can see a little add flour it bake pancakes pleasant to you
  • 03:51: Ruddy each pancake, I grease Butter on a platter, and all that all bake pancakes pancakes here are willing to have I got 12 pieces of thin delicious pancake I was still filling and 1 day dealing with liver patty fried It remained filled
  • 04:21: I was frozen natural warmed that it was not the cold that's still wrapped pancakes photo by fry someone cabbage soup not fried with us as we our locality more accepted form of spring rolls curd or even any meat and even fried pancakes are served as try pancakes pancakes all that here
  • 04:53: like hot to even I have Siropchik but maple syrup agave fascinated but so delicious pancakes wish you delicious carnival delicious pancakes
  • 05:25: beautiful merry and all of you good Health Happiness and watch my videos make such velvet pancake go to my channel and subscribe until we meet again, and all of you good