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Bath warming up of all rooms one furnace

Bath warming up of all rooms one furnace  See details »




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  • 00:00: let `s talk about size ovens of the furnace power of flow firewood depending on the overall the volume of space all your bath like washing steam changing room if all have you got fired summer so much Bath with many bay it does you can get the heat in all rooms and if you have a winter in
  • 00:30: board and you have and multi cover you in the bath anteroom you when you come in the winter sink bath -20 to -20, and washing itself guys too and -20 let no one says that in his bath always zero degrees you have a winter in the winter dressing room again my rank and this ice room and in the most steam if the oven
  • 01:00: flood in the steam room the room while you all partitions capital made humanly you You can of course quickly get plus 100 even the guy who but such a small the temperature there but it was ok the only steam and if you open the door to the washer immediately but think if 100 steam it means to washing with steam half will be 50 yes
  • 01:30: In no case will 30 only If the oven burns on the full and doors open between these rooms close this door let's shut down again 5 in the steam room can be quickly restored temperature to have to plus eighty literally there in a few minutes but washing temperature in you then immediately you will fall in area moist fog with the ceiling covered drops with all
  • 02:00: It will flow over the walls and will at the door you pathetic plus 10 the most powerful as well as the then get temperature very acceptable dressing room in which winter and remains here before you link added a video in which you You can see how organize dressing room and frosty special techniques not to sit in cold dressing room as the Hedgehog in the Fog It is very popular
  • 02:30: Video also link you can be found in herein before hot in one of the master their videos even several spoke that can be arranged a front og hot air washing and steam room will somehow heat very powerful Now before you link this video as link you can refer to the description in this video you You can see how to get warm floors in the bath and at the same time heat of the oven and fresh and washing
  • 03:01: room but in actually you know that to heat and still powerful but the fact that the furnace It was larger that's how we all allocated oven bigger size songs can be little should drink three rooms and 4 and 5 and 6 and if you You want to heat a large the volume of the oven means must be but much more large oven she too It causes many questions from a large furnace installed All doors are open to all the rooms and you
  • 03:31: Well then waiting room Imagine that even before so here is adjusted what I taught you to make that heat there went circulated Imagine then what yes waiting room will rise + 20 and in the washing comfortable washing then plus 30 but in the longer we will steam enough and are cheerful good + 80 but we note We put the little huge steam oven bath which can not be bought and
  • 04:01: huge ovens have come out of it strong exit chimney which will be very red hot in the summer generally very problematically incandescent chimney coming from the powerful oven because summer the street itself Already 30 degrees and often here this pattern occurs ignition baths of zapilikala stoves zapilikala chimney oven because is completely different, you can buy what you want oven and and order
  • 04:31: a stove around which generally bath which should be built impossible not to like make a here before you link added a series of videos dedicated homemade production ovens for bath who himself actually manually It shows hot Master of his furnaces manufacturing as well see link in description see cheap as possible quickly build good oven and how
  • 05:02: then save the bath of superheating furnace schiysya some obkladyvayut and completely independently facing the furnace brickwork fearing lest Perry turned cola but perekolol chimneys even harder as many put Here is such a sandwich and actually just inside the chimney mountain elementary if the pull it has this worked chimney there is a pitiful sight and the greatest danger calls on the crossings
  • 05:32: ceiling overlap by itself the higher the loft roof the more dangerous Now this long chimney from a very large red-hot oven here before you link added Video on height chimney in the bath very popular and useful Video also link you can be found in description below the video well imagine chimney sandwich actually Now the fire is burning pipe heated chimney It consists of just such the body that They are going to like this but that's easy Imagine the same
  • 06:02: tube like thermos now all very the strongly red-hot can be very so warm high roofs and chimneys sandwich I here, too, not but I recommend low roof to via which takes place not insulated pipe short even powerful oven if it is set here look here it is not a arrows indicate the I established and a passage device is not double wall chimney and now this device also did not like absolutely not Insulate completely and Now look at us there is a video on the channel
  • 06:32: we will tell in terms of the slit pair personal and furnaces which in general can be set and as a result our most video the result we can be even more than herself I have all the entry I recommend to have 1 bulk bath ie Bath where clean there and bathe in the same place and burns in your stove It can be such a temperature what you comfortable modern furnace is very easy
  • 07:02: adjustable a temperature of heat transfer, you can sing to press and will have you are in the bath is not hot though it is summer though it is winter stove correctly matched 1 volume space will produce exactly as the temperature how much you need and if you need high temperatures then you just translate sing another Maxim gorenje many these artists their which stoked furnace the door open
  • 07:32: to further the temperature was well Come on you mesh but a little weak if you have a huge the amount of time already all can be useless then get fire means more one such sentence dear customized builders baths bodies it is the people who builds for himself if you watch the video Hot masters as Videos for production of many works please invite to the view and necessarily his wife or their children
  • 08:02: the older you together involved in this case because even many adults man completely who do not adapted for to heed some advice they look listen but the brain adult designed so that absolutely it is stable to all sorts of rubbing and many believe that Master just something babble to themselves master molds by ourselves it is all science systematized
  • 08:32: says it should be many such here sure all the men pursing his lips and sit They say that yes there says yes, we all We know yourself and if you plant overview Video has a beautiful woman and their adult children and they'll tell you later that in fact to master the say here here here really true you get some general consensus on this subject and perhaps even You will not argue today's topic that
  • 09:03: large oven should a large amount of heat bath and small oven, it can not warm high volume Player 80 can not give in Man 30 20 we are powerful dressing room if small oven you We bought the stove there to a lot of money on it is not to spend could bring her in the bath so that you can it was easy then do the same to put as easily and replaced as a matter of really like bath palaces that people put 5 rooms want place more
  • 09:35: ask me how the oven 1 of this warm bath here in 1915 We want to build there is a stove all how much is warmed thrush and it is necessary to behold This large oven you Fired at most bath how many will take these firewood many believe wood that nothing standing wood worth grandmother lonely which heats the bath for themselves and granddaughter coming to her and sometimes on weekends forced to spend 7 or 10 thousand rubles
  • 10:06: only one year wood if you through flushing bath day you bake burn it on a powerful Indeed, and 25 thousand in the firewood you month can go on Actually it completely all cheap and that's based on all of these views and reasons can ultimately be judged if you want large bath sink put a large oven bet big oven harvested buy a lot of firewood much wood you will
  • 10:37: will burn very much heat in the furnace and in the flue when summer comes the excess heat furnace and a chimney show its reverse not very good side that can eventually lead to fire is needed necessarily take into account the fact that I I told you that I have chimney is not insulated in the attic, and this one tunneling here this through the ceiling is not I have warmed the bare she at me
  • 11:07: arranged so to year period because the winter that this site is not special insulated the influence of the bath is not and has a chimney not insulated short chimney in I hang length tube passing through the attic no more room meter twenty once the tube comes out This means the street case any design glow attic and very ceiling does not happen even now be a large and powerful and
  • 11:37: Generally it is possible to correctly exploit your bath here before you link added a video in which we We talk about 1 bulk bath it I do it and how this convenient bath also you can find link in the description below video so I look forward to your comment write to you I think on this subject how do you understand Here's the idea masters and offer you sure
  • 12:07: listen to this video tips all together then to a friend when other complement building your baths which will certainly better than the all other will bring you more beautiful maximum pleasure health and other listen to good advice smart people subscribe to our channel