If the puppy loves all? What to do?

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  • 00:00: my dog ​​loves all and all he pleased all Guests do not have to take to its else's that to do with it I'm living I took as a guard working dogs let's look at First what is the age This dog 1 to 6 even months think it is a puppy deep over the child just need to talk to walk and to give a others he shall communicate them He understands not sent afraid of the most important the dog grew confident and knew that other people I'm good on the measure allowing all its friends their ladies
  • 00:30: dogs help resolution lure nadressirovat not allow that dog understand others But listen well dog just me this is the first second that he loves it all fine because in this age dog still easily changes become easily it changes the family easy to promote and easy to forget the man this age designed by nature for to dog could easily adapt to some new moment of life and to six months did not even ask the dog
  • 01:00: so that he I knew or foe heel there are moments when the puppies clearly and distinguishes it from its him more gently We are not going to While playing longer and this I'm someone else for him more as usual predators and which I occurred They welcome all people that they are fed playing praise communicates with them it normally is not more frightened year of age dog is like I grew up he was like large indeed mind fool Th why because it still a teenager, he still I did not collect on the psyche
  • 01:31: He is just beginning understand the world understand of people it all to do Obedience requires him some things he listens to anytime, anywhere and it right but He must not know that other people can biting can be guard what is there dog wakes up I guard instinct I will outline further say we make one scheme if he do not wake up He loves everyone and everything is perfectly normal until the year it's all good is to develop dog dogs even
  • 02:01: to know what other people she is not dangerous We should be afraid of it should quietly watch when dog is not afraid starts for the Sea people analyze gradually I say it slowly emerge as the lead themselves good people and Then when you are I have a dog to arm already will distinguish agar good people themselves so are our video I am watching them opah people on board A friend and I sit with them differently so until the year you You do dogs good obedience you
  • 02:31: You are making your dog confidence and quietly start pump up the dog I make a film physically strong and tough on It is a year and a half years at this point way as before, I dog develops acumen I do not play flagella my cord I do not develop that it bravo full mouth sleeve from grip so that she had a good jump and all but I'm a dog to Year and a half years on protection except that only game and only to dogs one year and three years 5
  • 03:02: improve at all after one and a half years had given dog mentality formed it can safely to withstand such strong psychological load and if you take an example where the owl, the he has a very mature for mind if he will kids suit guarding that is, a beginning biting, not because that he believes in himself, I and kept the owner because he very little scary Dogs can withstand in any year over load security so if this
  • 03:33: Of course security It made either in terms of games and serious guard so to there is one and a half year and 3 Year 5 and 6 gta my dog deal security we are not just We engaged in developing grip developing dog confidence and only after 3 years Year March 4 gradually We are working with helper This we ensure the dog clearly I understand when you can when you can not bite that is to be guides team traffic on the protection and team should
  • 04:03: stop when You is not done by servant on guard even do not go first need to do obedience to always at any time could control your dog and then children already appetizer because this moment I dog begin to bite be more confident himself she begins to realize that it can guard it stronger if this person the moment you do not have then obedience will dog trouble takes custody of all family members it is not clear from whom not understand how nobody
  • 04:33: can not control so the most important thing typically longitude no need 4 serious work Protection can only be be the development of grip and such protection is on based on the second game Day to dog was sure and developed the place different situations do good in obedience to Later, you could calmly manage their guard dogs sprinkle with the spirit of the cops the most important thing is that puppy but my 3 year 4
  • 05:03: love is all especially fine large breed for you are very good and not slow hurry on security Give a dog with you break let dog let grow dog get stronger psychologically and then only protection of then dog will be smaller nervous breakdowns she Here's a more obedient and reliable