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  • 00:00: good day my name is Vladimir Sokolinskii you channel chronic health center which is supported Sakhalin Petersburg Center Sakhalin in Prague and now I want you tell about our most recent date in our system, natural means It called him on it is natural product produced especially for Zakamensky center Prague in Europe and is included in the program restart immunity why so called
  • 00:30: on well from the title it is clear that we are on it why the price of immunity I advise you to restart Now once at the beginning of necessary after watching this video you inspection of it to go to the end link in the description and download a book about strengthening the immune system that I am now wrote this really clear just and convenient and explain to you why you have not turned to this why you can
  • 01:01: now faces permanent infections why not go conventional methods to remove them because there is no rebooting the have immunity is formed in the base a child from the right the formation of intestinal microflora contacts with colostrum so when you You get colostrum milk 1 receive the signals from the mother with whom she I was already familiar with some bacteria and
  • 01:33: how to deal with it that is here This training occurs in childhood then there is a risk if it occurs if properly formed immunity We were wrong to him some external the impact of many of infection antibiotics nervous stress that there is a risk that the immune system will be operational by scenario allergic but as an adult already but It called innate immunity it is Genetically some gained there
  • 02:06: vaccination did Skira some diseases more must somehow emerged as something that's more the case that there is enough energy and you start Here you get sick with the program purification used in the system Sakhalin rid of annoying factors have increased the level of toxins energy that is like all the grace but there are people here who because of such initial failure of formation immunity
  • 02:37: he can not remember sorry for an expression in quotation marks as needed responsive ie it detects bad external aggressor microbes or very slowly turn on for these purposes and uses natural immunomodulators that is, they do not, they are pushing It does not activate them simply trying to remind immunity using administration of a substance similar then what should react as if they it trains ie it is such training
  • 03:07: Misha in which he must learn to stick And so with that goal applies to him ring consisting of polysaccharides 3 mushroom extracts to increase the percent there are highly concentrated extracts mushroom which contains polysaccharides beta-glucan, and see hangers and shiitake their purpose is such a immunomodulatory plus basic substance
  • 03:37: to operate the cell immunity from young low levels of zinc will always sick why it may be low and because zinc is generally as substances participate in two hundred different names enzymatic processes and in this intoxication hormones, digestion enzymes glucose uptake in the presence of insulin, and so on and so forth that is it Why do I need a lot of men in general
  • 04:07: spent there during his ejaculation so why the level of Zinc depends on the overall level of energy a woman's ability to become pregnant man to become a father that is a zinc compound sex magic so it It must have had to do a lot of food but because we eat a lot of starchy foods and the products themselves are low in minerals often high current such here such summons nye zinc products that are not enough to get you need it
  • 04:39: take extra but here again there is a secret that is the substance that's how I said a lot of used by the body it would be strange if that would fall suited as iron is not here enough iron line but no one would lick the iron fence in the head before or iron chip has, we understand that renowned not just as well as from zinc that is, that he made himself necessary be in the correct format most digestible form found here in
  • 05:09: he us it is called zinc centers and plus the number must be right not small and small so if take him to Rome, you get adequacy assessment and your macrophages normally will work cell the immune system will be much more privileged status than those in one assessment is not enough that is, Accordingly, all inflammatory process when proceed they will proceed faster and leaving less risk
  • 05:40: the ravages of destructive consequences behind another component and proteolytic enzymes papain are not far from a natural anti-inflammatory agent will not Now climb deeply I can only say that if it enhances all of these components ie beta-glucan polysaccharides and the zinc than is convenient to use immunogram to reboot the immune system
  • 06:10: the fact that under no circumstances, it is not may outweigh emulate immunity and call the autoimmune process in respect of such fungi polysaccharides studies were carried out and how ingredient in this sense they safe it known once again urge you to visit on our website via the link at the bottom of the description video and download it when you book You want to understand why exactly how use it to stop the recruitment and
  • 06:40: finally sick of course use in the same complex that is in the system Sakhalin is no magic bullet that there we always use complex always cleansing first recovery microflora restore energy levels and then restart the same immunity but those who have long been with us for many years, we have after all, he knows the work in 2002 that in Russia we use less polysaccharides Gaipov our own product kafir he really love it
  • 07:11: mushrooms also occur about political enzyme is present there and then we We use spirulina Sochi is easy with zinc digestible zinc in Russia but if you note now enumerate three products in the European system and has we are now due to the fact that we are working with its own contract duction could do it all in one product that certainly is convenient for busy person so if you live in Europe in Ukraine that is, you can
  • 07:41: obtain products from our European center then use the ring for him reboot is a modern immunity a high-tech necks taking health, I strongly advise you to subscribe chronic health because we are going to do more more videos, we learned to produce video something new every week and always it is practically useful Tips from a person who uses
  • 08:12: it myself and recommend for longer more than 20 years to various people my name Vladimir Sokolinskii setting us subscribe to the channel [music] [music]