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Self-massage of a thyroid gland. How to treat a thyroid gland in house conditions

Self-massage of a thyroid gland. How to treat a thyroid gland in house conditions  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello to you doctor Lynskey Igor Z. and in today's video I'd like to talk about issues Thyroid all you know what it It is now probably very one of the most common communication problems there with various reasons and I wanted a little bit share their experience in the treatment of diseases thyroid
  • 00:30: I had a pretty many patients different pathologies and many succeeded to achieve positive result particular reduce the amount leaving left cysts nodes thyroid gland well, of course we convinced that there Oncology is no important point person before it took place full inspection I made Uzi handed if the blood on hormones I had done function that's one of the methods that
  • 01:02: was applied massage thyroid gland I saw him there such a wonderful Dr. masseur Alexander Ivanov I saw how he He is showing one of the one of seminars, festivals but at the same time too, I use OK to use this method furthermore used electroimpulse therapy devices instruments and over apply osteopathic harmonization of technology the whole body is also
  • 01:32: important because doctors and visible iron it most responsible for energy exchange the body and its function is impaired if the body organs and systems run with a load because of the different the reasons for this may be can be stressful some some long long-term depression where film and physical overstrain naturally thyroid
  • 02:02: testing experience very big pressure and often Reserve not the body is not enough and ends occurrence and some or some of the problems thyroid and Thyroid like I have already said apply complex complex complex methods that there is no one 11 it will give the effect of massage well, let's say not so not as full as it were, but he also wanted to
  • 02:32: It plays a very an important role said Dr. Chichagov have such Chichagova water system that all diseases come from infringement circulation and the composition of the blood in here I largely and in many respects to him I agree and we are now discuss how to this massage where in this video I will tell you how to do to self-massage man could could, regardless of there is a possibility there
  • 03:03: take charge sessions or someone someone asking for something he could have himself help for for about fila ie prevention improve circulation and outflow the area of ​​the thyroid gland and help This is largely normalize its function or make do prevention necessary before embarking on this massage again again need to walk inspection at endocrinologist
  • 03:33: do ultrasound and donate blood for if hormones found some volume there education make sure that there are no Oncology it is very very an important point by the way more about thyroid problems gland told there is such great book Andrew Ushkova I below below the video will a reference to its I will be where
  • 04:03: it can be download there are very simple accessible the language for specialists and for ordinary people told which is why there thyroid problems cancer is a very good simply book I recommend So here we go well here thyroid is approximately the area and the first move we take here there is such clavisternomastoid muscle it goes like this bone and even leave
  • 04:33: one hand on the back and and on this side I start as if coming under it's such neat massage gradually there is no need strongly push it to press very gently working very soft and gradually fingers go under the muscle here it is neurovascular almost here now so gradually gradually as it's rear back hand
  • 05:03: we are here now like this the movement of tissue We provide the one on one other and gradually fingers are below below the lower and deeper and come already almost masturbate over time, when you doing here fabric will be posted and you will very easily pass This is the first movement and it makes sure Semites of symmetrically of the other on the other party then next move
  • 05:33: just as we put hand under the sternomastoid But for the muscle to form a this side Now there is such a as the channel troughs where begin thyroid cartilage We put them on him fingers and the same We provide the rear rear a stone's throw tissue forward and now this hand trying to enter as far as possible but not just too very very soft gentle push I will repeat here the fabric
  • 06:03: very like gentle and do not need very easy to press like this like this movement and gradually you You feel like a hand enters deeper and well recovers circulation in All these tissues respectively We do the other party then next move take for cartilage ki neat neat We do here such here undulated of movement
  • 06:33: can baptize hold here hand Right Left up and down is possible by circle so we to develop He moved well I repeat yet it will not be superfluous work very gently to them softly but is now made We will work on collarbone for this will have little this massage comfortably doing lying here
  • 07:05: lead not lead Shoulder-in and be on perfect health and even here the top shut down It arises dimple that is hand enters freely and Likewise, feeding feeding arm forward Now a movement we are entering a collarbone and times massaging it all areas here and so this here, too, with time tissues become soft shoulder here it's desirable
  • 07:35: relax to tissue and here I am I pass along the collarbone That's how two fingers the same Here's the way next move Now we hand We are placed in front clavisternomastoid muscles and enter we go hands already over and it's from there where we held so now We serve the front fabric yes and entry rules well
  • 08:06: massaging the back of clavisternomastoid muscles coming under it too slowly serve in front am applying tissue and back massaging the most the main thing is not to hurry not need may be even the first session try to log in as can be deeper tissue will gradually supplied in Depending on as will normalize lymph lymph all will not need rush is like to warn according to on the other hand do
  • 08:37: the same then We go here goes trail color and muscle we go under it We serve here Put your hand bed hand as if to well on shoulder back We provide the fabric and here such movements a good pass behind trapezius muscles same here as it We shake hands with each meet meet friend and now we do more
  • 09:08: Only happiness in the house Rear rear One surface of the neck hand her bed an hour I show this side one hand on the neck of a bed second on the side surface here there is such a court and a dimple in the same way We shake hands with each and meet other enter specific We hear all the fat
  • 09:38: sites in this zone here you are pass transverse processes cervical vertebrae and in a time when fabric here soften you very their good will feel better here 2 q put his cloth we are here and so serve and good Here you can mash even go back back along the neck
  • 10:13: and normalizing and normalizing and outflow that's basically as much Time takes all massage It can be done for prevention several times a week after I repeat third time after you pass survey making sure that there I do not have any more serious diseases that require more serious serious intervention is one of the parts It works with
  • 10:43: thyroid that any person can do yourself I own I have already said improving energy exchange right now I even Now a little bit just did can feel I burst of energy I think it will be useful for those who He wants to be healthy all that is good and to new meetings if like the movie subscribe to my Channel place husky to put the Huskies new appointments