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  • 00:00: Hello friends this Stesha Santhi and our heading a question-and-answer we are now traveling in Asia are in another great location in the city kuala lumpur behind us HOME Landmark Tower is Petrona Court are not directly lit corn over my head to the very nice view opens from the terrace where we We stopped and we did not plan today record video admired just sat and views, and of course
  • 00:30: I remembered about you and and understand that we are not We can not show you the beauty of Well, that was interesting to you the picture you have changed and we will combine business with pleasure record probably argue communicate ask my mother - and as we are to them I apologize for answering your wonderful voice around here despite conditioners the fact that the heat I did not get sick but He sat me why but a lot
  • 01:00: better surface all morning was the order very difficult This experience of the roof and so let READ we asked a question we connected with the number myself and yes, we even thought that when we record the video honored question began to condemn themselves on this subject and We decided to record such interest questions
  • 01:32: In fact, I recently also my student I asked about the same plan and apparently he really matured so READ from Alexander Yermakov Thank you for your videos thank you so the question arose as how many there are asana or SVOCs that we do, I beginner yogi so to speak but before start any business I have habit
  • 02:02: survey the border well, it's certainly very the right is the recognition of yoga I looked in Internet and realized that their number on the amount varies from 8 million 400 thousand to eighty-four pieces I understand there are different interpretations given tradition, but can you tell some total approximate number of something that you practice and will be video shows you said in this
  • 02:32: video that Now a special basic asanas man can to move to the next level and how to understand what you have mastered how many just what is needed question is how many Asana's people found different information from say ruyut effects of 4 to 84 million and in some Sources says that 84 million son There is also a book of 84 asanas and have a eg
  • 03:05: defeat in a yoga Upanishads where they say the following quote from the 80 and he the most important and reread pine there written 80 and he emerges as the most to friends mother that he and 80 but actually the truth is somewhere in the middle Currently, there are about about thousands of normal and effective very different from each other that is for example a metric we do not change position of the fingers and do different mudras
  • 03:36: consider is this position as well as in hand position there lactic attack back it may be so and may be up to 84 give millions and will no longer be in the summer functional and whether tagging some significance in their so the question on the basis of practical Experience to date of about 2017 thousands of normal and very good the effectiveness of existing well practiced Well, if it is a well experienced practitioner 100 plus depending on your asana
  • 04:08: 100 level but it is only on one side Now when you ask as my own, we practiced here before only as we further considered and regarded as the asana It is on one side, respectively, then there is still multiply by 2, we do not thought not change here, these ligaments and there go constant dogs him upstairs Chaturanga have different data other rolls and therefore the actual rank chakra Aslan enough but the question you have is
  • 04:42: there sounded that we tell you when master it then go one asana here's to the next smear glue had such probably question how it bored me I need to learn the asanas around you too there have already plan some kind of person practical as we realized aimed at this is a normal result of human factor but I would be a little about it and we should accept it and understand
  • 05:13: and then you will not be as it were an end in itself and their tanks and Sandra just let it It will be 5a sun very high quality with a sense of becoming installation on if briefly say truth is already a matter of course you reaches a certain I have here is an example that santa one side of this is the level of practice but this was good enough experienced enough practice chair for yourself
  • 05:46: plus or minus but probably can be summed outcome, or even what that is, additions but it's as though once again these situations is not all that is, there is still much rise but again you need to understand that this to grow This even if not in this life the main thing to do to take it easy as the process of summing up resume lest scenery and so asana in different texts described a different number of people
  • 06:18: counted about a thousand different and son quite different from each other you need to practice asanas which It is right for you does not seek to take the final shape the important thing is the way in which you go it brings you not end later then what has stop working as drawn some processes pass it and most importantly how this posture affects you is the most important Yes but if you need
  • 06:50: figures to determine how we understand whether a practical man who but this times it is plus or minus Well actually that's this Poland to around 80 is quite a Here the objective mystery of time if we numbers is the amount that I myself about something like that you are my The findings show once again perfect view
  • 07:21: The following videos are from other species we want to make you We try to make it's changing the background it is only from food a pair of slalom probably seen this excellent picture who have not been you too will find yourself here and admire the well we have a little We admire themselves how to practice tomorrow and thumb the way it should we
  • 07:52: We will try to write a small note As for the meeting until the following rollers [music]