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  • 00:02: hello today we will talk about the cultivation of onions Seva GEL The fact that onions are very fond good fertile ground flower bed it is desirable for him previously I prepare I grow almost all ears here in these here high beds like they make you see my
  • 00:31: previously very good fertilizer earth below so onions very well It is growing at a a bed but still I have this flower bed the court before to plant onions Mulching old sawdust in these sawdust to make a furrow the ground and put Onion as intended through the ten centimeters
  • 01:00: Here there cm August 10 centimeters very easily somewhere on his finger to measure I usually do I measure here in this way doing and soot Delve into the ground on the upper hanger here I actually put All flower bed is not It left he put some stuff and
  • 01:34: that's good for the native ground but deepen previously naturally this series shed warm water all After a bit we sprinkle still its filings just a little
  • 02:01: lest eroded and that it we are not the top when he jumped roots will usually tries to block how would you jump Land here is not It happened and not to eroded land we are all on Christmas trees business'll cover here
  • 02:31: Now a little bit so I show here and of course more for once polem candle spray our rare, too warm water
  • 03:00: you are the last phase of this from cats sun apple penetrated very well It helps even lapochek principle onion planting recalls landing carrots only One difference is that bow fights through greater distance than carrots rises
  • 03:30: t much earlier so lapnikom far removed before literally in a week we We see it already at We then proklyunetsya lapnikom over will naturally clean and It has to start somewhere a week after one and a half again further water it and if the weather is hot it may be before but it can be done already directly over the feet through to here and so easy to plant onions but
  • 04:00: it all depends on prepared a bed the better prepared bed the hope for always a good harvest more it you can see the end season when I it clean so Harvest bed onion acquitted me and already it was time clean pair when should be cleaned
  • 04:30: thing is it should go like this that's somewhere to lie down about a week only then when neck bow here It is becoming very soft we remove the onions and then put on a good drying the loft bed itself justified by the fact that I had very rarely is full paintings was very so easily bow I never have overgrown Me and accordingly
  • 05:01: and ill always been good condition that's the only thing course at the beginning of very like growing need to bow pretty often watering watering times per week is required to otherwise you can be twice week somewhere here on a flower bed a couple of years I watered if there was Heat pairs per week if less then once a week sure it
  • 05:30: watered more I no dressing is not did you know I supporter organic agriculture outside natural Agriculture and try If that's the there is a fight something more than methods natural but not using any no chemistry natural nitrogen and I potash here I did not make it so just everything was prepared and lo karos their environment and how to's You can see the
  • 06:01: here it is, now here so here it is beautiful private we it just remove here he is that is, it is midsized Onion is usually like let him good is this bow that is it well use have have to dry more
  • 06:31: bulbs slightly smaller here but average club good Now bow Strigunov sky here, I do not I grew Chernushka acquires Onion and here in this Seva how to grow here Can this ticket so I suggest you
  • 07:02: so here grow and you will always a good harvest because as it is easy for me to even Collect it almost all rests on surface well gets now would be a good in the sun stubbornly awards I dry
  • 07:31: it is a wonderful bow very easy to clean just take out so here I to grow onions turnip without much trouble and cares very best much trouble
  • 08:00: always in every Culture is weeding this is all kinds feeding it's all kinds Loosening also not never done it does not ryh shone as as you can see here instead of I spread out if it was I am lying on the sawdust on that is, instead of the old it will be old chips and onions never not supported loosening therefore it is not for lazy cultivation
  • 08:30: I planted them carefully watered and all gather express weeding It was also very just a little Two or three times I He pulls out of there are few I do not care penetrated some blades of grass but it is very very little than if there were heated Harvest bed for the lazy good and love grant