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Simple Designs of PO-MOKROMU\/Unusual Manicure \/ Nika Nagel  See details »



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  • 00:00: [music] all regards and Welcome to my feed today we will perform Design and wet options will be a little more difficult than the last just I have not seen yet This video link I I leave in the description look there is a very simple and fast design and and in that time has been set from Nikon gels with white backing summer invite this time set with black
  • 00:31: backing Lady Night box visible embodiments designs this set It consists of black Varnish gel of which will be nice spread the colors and the flowers themselves which perform design presented in a Kehl paints these colors can be perform many compositions as well as in Niga is cool gel varnishes that opium fine and close lie in a single layer matings will not melt and all
  • 01:02: offices this brand pleasant low price of only 300 rubles for such large bottle and addition to my viewers will still 10 percent discount on promo code, see detail herein for using the kit there is an instruction from behind but nothing fancy is not there when I saw these colors at once He presented as a simply can picture such as a flower iris nanoshu thin layer Tips on wearing black substrate ladies night land and take fine
  • 01:33: Brush recruited tip color gel from set and quickly draw two upper petals and two lower inverted down until they need to spread out quickly add other colors are two more drops of bright middle, yellow adding lobe sides and of course green stalk I said that flowers enough to perform full composition very fast send to dry the lamp and that's what
  • 02:03: happened will experiment yet again nanoshu black backing Lady night with a thin layer not land placing small droplets in a circle, we Now we get this ordinary flower and it can be beat completely different near desirable putting ordinary paper napkin with that after a black and wipe it quickly continue because dwell in this Technology can not be all and spreads flop dirty brush in the gel as you You may notice, too,
  • 02:33: undesirable color Here's a dirty cute flower turned and I think they can still beat adding white drawing with it is not important just overdo we emphasize some elements [music] winter is [music] I think so
  • 03:04: much expressive though general added by at least 2 little flower more color the or rather add white draw [music] all kind of [music] [music]
  • 03:36: there you are These designs are very quickly executed as it consists of Conventional drops further gel itself does not give you to relax and customize on performance of third design show on handles client here are marigolds now they are quickly to prepare a coating gel polish We start with a manicure This time I am using pellet mill like you it blue notch of
  • 04:06: lizzie flame I only red [music] thing on [music]
  • 04:37: perfume [music] further cut off cuticle scissors and abraded skin around the nail attachment red ball [music] manicure ready
  • 05:29: degreasing nail plate Apply the primer and further alignment base [music] most [music] from [music] [music]
  • 06:11: from above this for design I use of color purple, and of course black backing Lady night since this layer substrate should be very thin the better will be put under insurance not to shone so I have already dealt a Black color and dry it we put forth already directly substrate ladies night
  • 06:41: and dry them with a fine brush and the selected color set clear drops that this type of design and impossible to repeat one to one so the all fingers pattern It will be a little different because It can not be assumed as will be spread color gel in the times and look forward to when our drops and beautiful gradually revealed when the result arranges ship in dry the lamp [music] to make design
  • 07:15: brighter and I expressive Mix this purple white, and in the second Circle add this color shade the border to the middle dry them in the lamp and now white gel paint I make a drawing is, well let it be half of the unusual flower obvozhu little white more than ends purple and I draw again inner circle [music]
  • 07:45: [music] [music] then dry them in the lamp finish and design is ready work this amazing set It can be on the gel, and varnish modeled on marigolds design is very unusual and such currently fall as it were, not like this
  • 08:15: but recognize the year manicure checks already ended in place Thumb up this Video I ' thanks for the nice view and I wish you success and see you soon bye Bye [music] ok