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  • 00:00: [music] to all my viewers huge hello to you again I'm Julia, and you on my channel it I want to start with video Here's an overview of color gel without adhesive layer which not come with aliekspress online I ordered the blue white with silver micro glitter and black but Unfortunately, instead of
  • 00:30: black I came Here is such a blue enough, too beautiful color but not black as I I requested in the general trifle but could certainly not send still black nothing will be the trail, too, all krasochki without sticky except this layer's not know why a micro silver glitter [music] the way it
  • 01:02: half a jar, too I do not know what it is It related to something Chinese on me forever saves not know why that's probably and we were not know and do not He advised to choose the risk and all It is a sticky layer It has seemed like gel or paint gel most natural which is to dry in led-lamp but with a flexible layer well, maybe
  • 01:32: economy in handy here is our very blue deep color gel paint without adhesive layer well Put all all her ok all right only one that's These gel-paint our here these here with they aliekspress but a little on the thick and you can work here White Pure White too full bottle that is, those I'm happy with paints
  • 02:02: that is white and I Black has already ordered not the first time [music] are you still a little thickish and but thin lines everywhere so to gel we krasochki put viewed aside today and we we will be a little bit work and start to our design on the moment
  • 02:32: instagram all packed here so that's nice soft light The design is slim lines thin twigs sy bars little or petals charming little design, and I have them also I want to try I do for you blocked in a single layer gel lacquer I rs used Neum 60 under the first number a reference to the leave overlapping description
  • 03:02: second layer [music] and put to dry in lamp dried out our Now we nail take a mat on top perfect summer and overlap [music] put dried the lamps
  • 03:35: we have our top now Getting plotting on my panel has black gel ink and 2 white gel paint without the adhesive layer Only with this Chinese site and this a trademark of nails 21 top extra white too, to gel ink but without the sticky layer it is a little bit thinner
  • 04:06: but it certainly gel paint is also not I drink therefore I also tna a reference to the leave description and you look for to start drawing we need dip and soak our brush gel-ink Well to her, too, there was no excess of the Now we have it horoshenechko soaking but at the same We take away excess gel and paint Only then can we
  • 04:37: to create a very thin lines [music] [music] [music]
  • 05:23: [music]
  • 06:00: [music]
  • 06:47: such gel ink without sticky layer we then dried the not rented adhesive layer nothing is blocking glossy nothing we make more Here we get a that's cute This beautiful design we have prepared, we Getting a friend [music] [music]
  • 07:47: [music] put you [music]
  • 08:22: no [music] [music]
  • 08:59: Well that's all our
  • 09:35: Design is very willing to pretty Light air if you like my Video put huskies subscribe to my channel look for me instagrame and up See you soon yet till