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  • 00:00: Hello everybody abnormal spring It is sometimes not only in nature but also from manicure these simple Design and filled social networks almost tender transparent flowers minimalist style and unopened cherry buds different colors I show you how to perform such designs on mix palette deep left Weiss droplet to stamp get translucent tones for pitch lag I choose natural Pink by Copus also I use this
  • 00:30: gel lacquer as a camouflage for one jacket layer looks very naturally it has micro-gloss is clearly his not visible but it gives this color invisible Working with a glow looks very naturally in the description leave name colors for our own Design the color found two brush layer Perfect hair from they draw the petals first drawn fully land other two draw
  • 01:00: so if they located behind the first paint over land and undiluted plum draw very thin lines barely touching the edge and petals I paint over crossing this area is Reception make flowers
  • 01:30: so gentle and realistic a couple of bars on the middle lobe and sushim the flower base DOTS put black gel lacquer. and a fine brush I pull wave stem it is important to do it one movement to line was easy and
  • 02:00: fine choose for this is gel polish so as gel ink thicker and will not let you pull a long line it is more suitable for thick lines and monograms intertwined line complement design Only the dry line which will impose next to that is not She pulled him first we dry We cover the top and sushim led lamp 60 seconds is the same I done on the white background and added
  • 02:30: unopened bud I drew back translucent petal mixing basic color with topom anonymous petal undiluted color like these two cute version came forth I show you how to make colored twigs I Sakura them so I call someone He calls their kidneys colored willow Well such nezhnenko differently, in general, my basic beige background but mostly is selected as in the first embodiment closer to natural
  • 03:00: semi-transparent pink beige dealt layer 2 and each to dry fine brush paint two branches not necessarily perfect exactly the same length other short I paint black gel lacquer from them I pull small Souchong not at all twigs draw light green buds scatter them as looked to harmoniously ie that they do not kuchkovalis too
  • 03:30: close to each other and distributed by claw on all sides dark land below green gel polish obvozhu edge among those that with two more side those that smaller enough to one black land gel lacquer'll connect bud with branches in one line and a bit darken the base bud land white gel varnish
  • 04:00: outline the tip bud oval land cover with top and land Now you are a beauty You can select any other colors are combined the main buds the color of the rest covered with a ton marigold option Left on the same natural pink background of cabbages Well, the next design performed very but there is simply some feature We cover basic
  • 04:30: Two color layer and dry the cover under ordinary topom matt can not adhesive layer I do it for reliability because matt fast erased if put it on the color if the top with sticky layer then it is removed from the me without cover matte and dry 60 seconds to ice the lamp and remove the adhesive layer if there is one I have that under your nails to quite liquid with
  • 05:00: adhesive layer matte effect is quite comprehensible only to drying make sure that he's claw distributed equally where remain bumps after drying you turn whitish slides Draw gel ink flower outline try to bring flower clear lines next draw flower
  • 05:30: with unopened bud another variant I am drawing on a conventional glossy top similarity simple drawing options roses here such capacious video was on This time, write me what comments like design for you and put Like and subscribe to my RSS feed to following video