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Thin lines on nails. Flowers. The simple design gel is delicious  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello to you channel on the blog Today the entire Internet covered beautiful designs with small flowers adding spring Now I'll show you how to make fast and easy for I took a light foundation I mean lapul actually translucent and a little darker I decided that these tips on this color
  • 00:30: varnish gel Our design has been look more the best way we We cover the two color layers We cover topom Flexibility and advocate gel colors are These unfortunate tight to spread out on the actually harder draw Coogan drawing [music] but he created studied
  • 02:00: the blood from the tape would here's a lamp for 30 seconds developed tawan next design thin lines [music] such a simple design
  • 04:06: we have turned slim fast place until all Like and subscribe I'll see you on my channel next video bye Bye