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  • 00:00: this set a great trains muscles of the hands and the chest and the whole body of the original position body diagonal on the floor knees on the floor hands on a cloth hand slide forward and the other bend elbow to the ribs seeks good rest and relax gather forces and attack the next
  • 00:36: Exercise inhale exhale down the top wide open hands to the side but not too much you fail shoulders down rila lower
  • 01:07: so low down on how much you can over time, the muscles will get stronger and you can sink even lower well otdyshites This active movement try
  • 01:38: exert every effort and of course do not forget to smile good otdyshites We return to the starting position and
  • 02:09: is fed back into the hands alternately peyote not Throw movement halfway continue each time going back slips resisting shelf relax again wide open arms to the side
  • 02:39: excellent strengthening the muscles of the hand shoulders and chest muscles good rest and relax and re-submit your arms forward as it may be it was hard not to stop
  • 03:14: concentrate on the move and on the breath hands are already burning but you keep feel thoroughly rested let's let's inhale and exhale
  • 03:44: you can continue to move perfectly still had a little bit let Let's last super good and Now stretch your fingers into the lock for the chain back elbow dial up and breathe making sure that the elbow hand version It was sent clear 2
  • 04:17: Keep your back straight Change hands It feels like a stretch, not only triceps muscles of the back but the chest muscles perfectly set completed congratulate you you
  • 04:59: super good this set will enhance your bark muscles as you exhale pull-up to the knee armpit inspiratory disclose legs sides alternating these movements you provided Strong abdominal muscles and muscles of the bark give me great
  • 05:31: following exercise raise your pelvis high tightens up the legs to him and It opens in the direction of strip breath exhalation the connection is good pretty shaky attack exercise
  • 06:04: sex back to the first exercise alternately pulling the knee to armpit and opening the legs to the sides do not try lift hips high withstand level lath great holiday and again pushes the pelvis Try to do as much as possible up
  • 06:45: an exercise due to muscle tension press steadily I will fix the forearm is well recreation pop Cullens armpits and legs apart watch your breath on exhalation knees Statement
  • 07:21: inspiration legs wide you perfect to give to his feet tightens this exercise in addition to the super-duper strengthening the abdominal muscles are also very well it prepares to stand on his head
  • 07:52: recreation but you knee armpits try as much as possible to attract highly leg to him and will not appear on the hands
  • 08:24: Repellent forearms on the floor have a rest picking up a basin slip resisting the floor Come on Come on do not give up just ahead of the last
  • 08:57: second great umnichka now Honored Stretching Pose dog muzzle up you can come out here and feet cut
  • 09:36: Find the sum of the position in which you maximally stretching muscles will feel bursts I congratulate you SET completed this color
  • 10:06: very well strengthen your back We begin to pick up on inhalation exhalation descend down lift the body due to muscle tension back have a rest following exercise pulling the elbows to
  • 10:46: ribs then take away direct hands back Repeat these two same here Well relax here you back to the first exercise
  • 11:17: glide resisting the floor at each rise connecting blades and try not to raise shoulders relaxation and again the second exercise elbows to the ribs and
  • 11:47: Gone then hands back through the stick try to raise yourself back muscles as far as possible have a rest again the way try not to bend your elbows and
  • 12:18: each lift well use leg muscles of the back are straight the gluteus muscles are tense cube relax and rest I pull up to his elbows and takes the hand of
  • 12:49: semicircle back-up breath and exhale down go higher at recreation every rise feel the muscles
  • 13:20: back becomes stronger and stronger great rest tightens the elbows to ribs on inspiration
  • 13:52: exhale descends on inspiration Gone hands in a semicircle ago descend umnichka OK and now make a cat to inhale the rotten exhale rounded back inhale and exhale on a breath Feel like
  • 14:23: stretch your abdominal muscles as you exhale back muscles exempt from the stress well smile to yourself and your body put fingers on the pad and pull wrists forward a nice holiday in the posture of the child Feel how the muscles are stretched from the sacrum and the extension reaches even the fingers
  • 14:55: here Congratulations step is complete you super Put Like and subscribe to my channel to PUSH Bell not to miss the new video write in the comments what else you want see your coach on my channel
  • 15:25: Katerina Buida whether in the form together with me