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  • 00:00: this set properly strengthen your muscles bark exhale tightens the knees armpits inspiratory disclose legs toward alternating these movements you provided Strong abdominal muscles and muscles of the bark great rest [music]
  • 00:33: following exercise raise your pelvis high tightens up the legs to him and exposing them to the sides inhale exhale strap pelvis up [music] well it is quite hot and exercise have a rest [music]
  • 01:04: back to the first exercise alternately pulling the knees and armpits revealing legs apart Try not to lift the pelvis high you Beige level forms [music] great holiday and again pushes the pelvis the most up
  • 01:40: try to do the exercises at the expense of muscle tension press steadily I will fix the forearm [music] good value knees armpits and legs apart [music]
  • 02:12: watch the breath to his knee to exhale inspiration legs wide [music] excellent have a rest [music] court tightens legs to yourself this exercise in addition to the super-duper strengthen abdominal muscles
  • 02:43: It is also very good in preparing headstand [music] recreation [music] but you're knee-deep in the armpit
  • 03:13: try as much as possible to attract highly leg to hang and does not hand Repellent forearms on the floor [music] have a rest [music] picking up a basin glide opposing school
  • 03:44: [music] let's let's not give up just ahead the last second and great umnichka Now Honored Stretching Pose dog muzzle up you can pull your foot
  • 04:31: or reduce the position to find where you will feel the maximum traction abdominal muscles [music] [music] I congratulate you completed SET Put Like
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