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  • 00:00: This color is very good to strengthen your back start inspiratory rise up expiratory descends lift the body due to muscle tension back [music] have a rest [music] following exercise tightens the elbows to
  • 00:36: ribs then take away direct hands back Repeat these two same [music] here here Relax [music] here you [music]
  • 01:06: back to the first exercise glide As the floor at each rise connecting blades and try not to raise shoulders [music] relaxation [music] here again the second exercise
  • 01:38: elbows to the ribs and then water, and hands back through shelf try to raise yourself back muscles as far as possible [music] have a rest [music] again in a way try not to bend your elbows and
  • 02:09: every lift well use back muscles legs straight gluteal muscle two wives [music] relax and have given [music] I pull up to his elbows and takes ru
  • 02:39: and in a semicircle back-up breath and exhale down not get up even higher [music] recreation [music] every rise feel the muscles
  • 03:10: back becoming stronger and stronger [music] great rest [music] I tighten the elbows to the ribs on inspiration to
  • 03:41: exhalation descends on inspiration Gone hands got the head of the back goes down [music] munichka OK [music] and now do inspiratory rotted exhale widened beer [music] respiration
  • 04:13: inspiratory Feel like a stretched muscle exhalation press your back muscles exempt from the stress well smile to yourself and your body [music] Put your fingers on the pad and pull wrists forward enjoyable holiday I feel like a child's posture stretch muscle from the rings and achieves traction
  • 04:43: even the fingers [music] cube I congratulate you sho you super Put Like and Subscribe to my channel to PUSH Bell not to miss the new video write in the comments what else you want see my
  • 05:15: your coach Katerina Buida whether in the form together with me