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  • 00:00: to build Gel nail on tips man wanna step son type glue for sores artificial nail tips nail Sawing 80 80 sewing Brush did and sunlight or Brush usual brush or scissors dust removal gel camouflage transparent gel white gel and final start with cleansing nail optilia zapilivaem free
  • 00:45: edge so that the chips brazenly exactly raise the top cuticle edge small leather
  • 01:23: handcuffs after flowed clean too him zapilivaem place which was purified midpoints now you
  • 01:58: You need chips cut off half free cut to It does not take all nail but that it does not I went beyond free nail edge beginning of the road will depart take a little glue quantity
  • 02:28: We put and free edge of the nail itself promazyvat not need waves are putting presses on few seconds today we
  • 03:07: make a square shape choose length zapilivaem feet to he was even zapilivaem not only for free properly remove shine down all differently
  • 03:37: we will have peeled from the tips but the way of protecting glue which fell on but the bottom line but who sex This form is called
  • 04:21: sharp square brush dust remove you from nails take Builder transparent gel brush for gel rubbing movements impregnate nail It called substrate
  • 04:51: if you do not do this will nail suit in any case not get on your skin cream from the cuticle of the edges of the nails reserve corner millimeters but how we coat
  • 05:22: as soon as artificial nail We put the UV-lamp on several take the camouflage gel
  • 06:04: You know today is not will be with extension nail plate that the taste and need we play small the amount of gel We make a charge but we put the most the beginning of the nail and that's such a circular movement lowered 2 below
  • 06:35: application may be different lengths we doing so the average the length but what We are not long but put to movies
  • 07:17: hold for five seconds so turn over after interpretation camouflage dry we need but wipe kittens an adhesive layer It is not necessary buy liquid removing the adhesive layer enough take advantage of normal fluid varnish removal but if small number of us Planchet pro ceramic is decrease
  • 07:48: zapilivaem on a pile align it can be split leather use one 80 80 At first it will be rude but after the first use it It will be softer
  • 08:19: zapilivaem always to top about kutyakova you have to be draw neat because very soft spot which can be easily traumatize hardened at Kutch
  • 08:49: wipe it on us You need white cartoon world and thin brush world solar gel us a small amount of to brush draws a smile drawn smile
  • 09:39: fill with white the color of the free edge We put into the lamp
  • 10:15: , only one minutes to white mushrooms and asks take transparent Builder begins free cut We put it below up wipe the white Gel I need to take better Fig sunny because
  • 10:45: far whiter coated transparent
  • 11:25: gel put Vacuum two minutes placed as we have dried nail itself Wipe it on adhesive layer take protein and zapilivaem it Again, the whole movement forward in our park as at
  • 12:01: align form
  • 12:35: nail Here's a bump we bump it turns out defends his passion zone is not necessary file down yes it can not make it He was very thin In principle we have many ready
  • 13:05: We cover the nail final we coat all side but do not go on the skin and cuticle
  • 13:35: also from the cuticle leave someone 1 millimeter to us We did not go detachment We put you 4 times but after track converged cover for oil
  • 14:06: cuticles here it is in principle you're ready