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Pauly gel with Alyon Bobkov's AliExpress

Pauly gel with Alyon Bobkov's AliExpress  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello hello today I came and [music] I want to try it once test on yourself to see how it be worn color it so now I'm a little bit
  • 00:33: I keep an eye he was very abutment Here is such a color Well such droplets will not enough to build yourself nail try
  • 01:03: I will work to ordinary medical 95 per cent of such alcohol Pretreated fingernail
  • 01:33: degreaser wait so no one live and sleep all see Next we will
  • 02:06: acid primer wait until you see the acid test and at this point I'll show dries
  • 02:36: dries both receive the upper mold in arm here are the top form has picked up
  • 03:24: I will do a short length spread Kuligin mold then take alcohol and brush and bullets start uber das nummer embroider
  • 03:59: Colour good on the sides to field gels in We always had enough material here to remove the minimum and pull back
  • 04:29: rigid material clings well pretty convenient to them to work immediately I am telling you all looked while we laid out at the field gel primer I claw at the weathered, you see so Gel brushes and began to stick again
  • 05:01: brush moistened and more work and all Tipsy I have prepared with the gel brush I wash I wipe clean large before us today is not Now need I put acid-free primer in what was written in the description to the gel
  • 05:32: it need a base so now I'm still struck quickly base I will base code I rub the base erasing movement
  • 06:17: polimerizuem thirty seconds and now we will make statement
  • 06:53: statement I will draw near a little camera and you'll see how I do it all I really drew the heat camera all Now watch and so I put under the form of joint cuticle and start quietly pressed her to the nail thereby squeezing out the field gel
  • 07:26: from under the nail properly distributing it there turn the finger and so prim good to all forms of the power of good and that's in a position like this here I go into the lamp fixation literally 10 sekundochek
  • 07:56: lamp I have fixed on a clothespin table to make it convenient to do if someone it is interesting to the contract's all I get sick Dam the world so little farther recorded the form and send it to the necessary drying lamp 30 seconds
  • 08:26: We do not forget you close or he will cool All further stifle sleeve chair mold
  • 09:01: it was convenient to remove it if necessary prim and handle and remove the mold here please our ice rink is ready this turns out perfect flare and now We will produce and drinking
  • 09:32: if you gel like that crawled under the cuticle nothing terrible was well cleaned You can walk on a safety net riding I take a long time so I know the forms that I'm not here no stupenechki not because I there tightly pressed both and now I want to produce free
  • 10:03: cut It changes the fact that there gives shape [music] [music]
  • 10:39: if you here here here here fingernail numb it voiced worry is removed very easy to gel the way to saw very easy no problem yelling that is not cause I take this here mill and under
  • 11:12: nail here or you are very easy here and turned
  • 11:43: all just a couple of sekundochek step chosen here such turned nail on the end
  • 12:16: We know how to show it's even thickness virtually no nogotochek thin the strength of his good hard all basically can not ready now I'm still here here's a little taken at this place youtube and if all you need further coverage
  • 12:51: I loved cover any color here too, is a gel Now I too killed a stick he a burst of skin that's nothing here no longer there all neatly neatly wand I checked that there there is not any such step here turned nakedness
  • 13:21: now one somehow nails outside Now all this has turned out a nail such at its thickness is very easy for them work quickly and literally a couple of seconds note a black shape in I have way too, with very aliekspressa molds are comfortable here and it seems to me
  • 13:54: a little bit, you can still take. on already do nudity I like the shape of suits me here but this has turned out the way perfect dishes if the future will be
  • 14:24: apply some coating color Boffin applied to the surface color and please this turns out beauty black as you can see on the ideal all nogotochki so now I can do a closer look omit lower lamp to show you here
  • 14:55: highlight on the entire nail all thank you all bye bye