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  • 00:00: all regards and Welcome to channel today we you try increase with nails using the database does not gel and soluble base to manicure can it easy removed so that what you can see it already result of all actions and initially My nails were here such a build-up I had never deal but I had suddenly long wanted nails, I think you I understand so let's proceed to begin conducting
  • 00:30: all standard preparatory I grind procedures then nails degreasing them I klinserom I remove cuticle as bases for escalating you need to use very thick rubber base today just will test line Bass stages Academy here are four of lianail kind and four kinds of bases top coating the way to the end of the video you will find a small therefore a surprise necessarily inspection video to
  • 01:00: and so the first end it is a very liquid base fast-dissolving version that removed five minutes, I decided apply it to Then ease yourself lifting capacity and This base was very interesting for properties business is that despite the its liquid texture it is absolutely not spreads and numb the skin it if grasped after a while look at it like consistency of a vest and after drying tacky base layer minimal and very
  • 01:30: sticky varnish on it is not and spreads hence no necessity remove this layer or sanding base well, Now need already forms capacity not know honestly as they correctly installed but main why I I follow it to between nail and does not form the gap was I will build another thick base Extra rubber it very very straight dense way all these base and sold stamp in two formats: 10
  • 02:00: 30 ml and 30 milliliters is jar without a brush of which can be gain material or individual tool or Cyrillic hold in a small vial when it ends in this volume I I ordered this very thick base and also matt top he just I'm running I'll show you two ways 1 will increase based on the leveling not directly second base case will polish and buff so nanoshu first layer base and distributing it around the claw and
  • 02:31: also in the form of paying capacity particular attention to joint database so thick that nowhere spreads and before while drying nail corners and I I flip out and by analogy with alignment nail body removing hollow on the junction between the nail and plate shape and now we send in the lamp further nanoshu a second layer of the same base and after remove the form [music] here is a nail
  • 03:04: turned and I give it a shape clippers and trimming rasp rough sawing and here I Phrases found that one side not I removed the hollow attack at the junction and therefore Now I will do supplementary alignment in this line there are two more more fluid but still rather thick base two and three points are denoted I choose the one in which two dots and she
  • 03:34: very fine leveled and alignment can be do literally I'm just a couple of seconds distributed throughout the and nail plate and and fill the hollow and you do not even imagine how I happy you happy now when the decision reviewed these frames when instead korotenkih marigold I there are beautiful long nails and now It remains secure all topom collection It has a top without sticky layer for attaching crystals he has such
  • 04:04: medium consistency and, accordingly, It has a light layer before that he was not I had to remove after setting rhinestones also have Classic top with an adhesive layer for maximum shine he, too, has an average thick consistency which additionally aligns legs but the top I just I will use Now all he created for foil and fixing sliders that is it perfect for design where needed thick layer decorative protection
  • 04:35: elements it is quite thick for the stamp and how again provide more firmness for my long nails and This last top one bestseller brand of the best matte tops on the market I took him immediately to the a large volume because that in principle it unique matt top which I I use and so overlaps ready thick at the top and all I have another long hard but if present at the ready in Generally I'm happy with how Elephant and now show another option like
  • 05:05: it seems to me we Yeah away all the first actions carried out just as well but moment when we Apply a second layer I distribute the base and and not around the claw and spread only only free edge so I I do not create unnecessary on my bed natural nails but strengthens length this case can not bother about how exactly is a main base see to it
  • 05:36: fill all Now this is not hollow very beautiful nail in the beginning but we it opilivaem as Unless it decides the form that we need basic criterion is smooth arc from the beginning nail plate to free edge here a nail it turns out not as I I bring it up I have seen the final I want to offer you to participate in competition in which three winners will be able to choose any the base and the top of any This new line
  • 06:06: academy and for full manicure company vines have to add a varnish of any new collection conditions as simple as possible subscribe to accounts in my instagram and Company lianail and under appropriately post and will look like this wish to part writing which base some you like much Eventually, I graduated nail extension base say that I delighted with nothing to say so great to have
  • 06:36: opportunity to change shape and length of the nails Then whenever you want I shot this footage a week later when just I wanted to change I cut manicure the length of the top and took to drink literally 6-7 minutes of all the layers gel lacquer moved single straight plenochkoj that's really cool, I I hope you I liked this video and the result is that I turned'll wait your comments Thank you held this time with me and
  • 07:06: see you next video yet [music]