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Nail extension Almonds \/ nail extension by gel under a varnish  See details »




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  • 00:00: all huge hello with you, any we are glad to see you at its channel and Today I'll show you I did nail almond shape We begin with the usual nail preparation I remove pusher and cuticle cutter and planning'll clean the middle to make it you need to carefully then it was not so well, of course not push us to find you do cuts [music] is selected by most in
  • 00:32: brush to see voice was [music] [music] And now a nail file remove to no Although even if nails oriental tonics need it make sure [music]
  • 01:07: [music] I was offended and nogotochki now I will apply primer Now I primer from Miss [music] our base their
  • 01:41: erasing movement very very thinly [music] [music] Well now we are going to model our marigold these forms, I do not advise
  • 02:11: They are very soft and I they did not like First glue the mustache and while we present form Form must go on as extension of your leg . so try to go that it was too late my a width to make a beautiful arch I usually do cuts
  • 02:42: form the market you spread very form transparent gel do substrate thin [music] I have to dry it is ready
  • 03:28: Ponty and now neatly remove the form never judge stick top and g1 and that's what I Now I got I will spread camouflage [music] [music] [music]
  • 04:01: Well, of course stress area have walls must be monasticism more than and finally [music] [music] that's what these
  • 04:32: turned and now we make opel First we open then remove the form side and parallel we drank to do with edges of the mold to reduce the center it should be done
  • 05:03: be careful not to saw through stress zone and to saw in fact Sharks went on to the sun [music] [music] for example this type of
  • 05:45: Side you must get [music] also smooths irregularities sawing bafikom he specifically did not leave slime so that we can see his actions so new things I purslane nanoshu for top vip on your taste if you liked videos
  • 06:24: Put finger up subscribe to my channel so as not to skip new video and we will soon be to do a design on these Marigold bye bye