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Building WITHOUT forms \/ Akrilatik from Cosmoprofi\/Building under a varnish  See details »

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  • 00:00: all regards and Welcome to my channel subscribe to him not to skip new interesting video news and reviews today we perform growth without using forms and tips novelty by cosmo pro many people have asked and waiting for this review it hybrid material between gel and acrylic and was named acrylic tag he has Standard color is white transparent bright pink and dark camouflage they are thick 1 if consistency look at the visible grains and wry sense of that
  • 00:30: gel are mixed just with acrylics do not know as confirms composition but such are mixed the composition of a gel and acrylic will come this mixture you zaskrinit in a jar I'm in the air I tried and this material polymerizes Only in Ufa or light lamp does it fairly quickly and not I was burning I wondering whether you can increase this material without forms of assistance because he sufficiently dense let's try and see what will I have in which the client present
  • 01:00: small length natural nails but we would like it slightly increase when standard I would build He brushed natural and a zero length would be fulfilled capacity but try not to touch length and grow nail in the air It sounds like something already fantastically prepare nail to the standard remove cover Terek dry skin under cuticle the skin of the fingers and
  • 01:30: the cuticle is not very gentle so I can make a cut cuticle at once natural nail Grind degreasing it Apply the primer and Apply a thin base respecter layer is It requires manufacturer will increase dark camouflage to immediately get little color coating it lightly translucent
  • 02:00: good and beautiful lies in the zone cuticle gain material can be orange wand or I the reverse side brush spread material I moisten nail brush in degreasers and I begin to flatten this material in quality softener and can be use degreaser me This two in one of tnl the principle of good does well trampled brush experience stabbing and since the brush I have a pretty it absorbs large plenty of fluids and all begins to float a little on the nails prevent such
  • 02:30: of course undesirable liquid only need not to brush I stuck to the crooked when the cuticle at I stroked presses in the center of the material nails so that it came out beyond the free cut large plot we do not grow because we can the material is quite especially plastic when his very much wet but degreaser still a bit length they fail to weigh certainly better that the material dry as possible to holding shape I send in a lamp and we turned increase the length of the nail
  • 03:00: no forms left Now report to the apex to design It was robust acrylic tag is removed from the nails only way sawing as a gel by the way write in comments Do you wonder will look like shoot Naroscheny gel nails and leave natural while unharmed when active comments I immediately Hire a video You get back to work material and sculpt we want it pretty pliable and at the end I easily and gently Smooth it brush and then cut almost nothing
  • 03:30: You will need it saving as time and material thanks accurate calculations it dries without problems and he looks ready already perfect if covered my gel lacquer on in as a design I would not nagged them but as well as take a walk the surface of the pellets acrylic tag easily ipad nail file feelings too acrylic grains and are seen in jar left check material the strength of hope he will not fail [music]
  • 04:04: we have to give the shape of the free edge and even Scrollsaw nodules teak acrylic it came from within because of too softened degreasers the material on this I said that he It should be tougher and not too dilute it degreaser then he begins to but the little sail at least we made curtains marigolds topom it you can use so as to gel lacquer no difference gel and our capacity If no form is ready
  • 04:34: this video pick a large number of I'll take on the likes video off a jacket to these materials so put your fingers up if it interested please contact all comments I wish you success and see you soon meeting bye bye [music]