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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners with you I am glad Tatiana all welcome on your channel fruitful garden in today's video I I want to talk about watermelon cultivation I grow watermelons both in the open field and in greenhouses in the open field I I grow them to grow and in greenhouses always I grow on vertical trellis that is it you simply twine stretched vertically so you can plant plant on a small
  • 00:30: distance from each another that is it It is very compact and at the same time they are well illuminated by the sun and aired I usually greenhouse podsazhivayut music tomato and because it is a culture He loves drier air than cucumbers and so if there is opportunity to put to tomatoes I always planted with tomatoes I try cucumbers not grow watermelons although watering and fertilizing
  • 01:01: very similar as its ie cucumbers Watermelon loves hearty watering and good feeding fertilize me 1 July 10 green days fertilizer that is, a liter of 10 liters of water always alone sprinkled ashes somewhere too, once every 7-10 days before watering watering very abundant because the root system yogurt in watermelon Unlike cucumbers very powerful and go
  • 01:31: deep in the ground there is a rod they fibrous but I feed on initial step Development that is good reinforced dressing to go he here are fastened here ovary then I reduces feeding in To avoid do not accumulate Nitrates in watermelon because watermelons and melons are very We tend to accumulate nitrates
  • 02:01: although many advised But when only He began a fruit and I began to grow hard only then to start I enhanced feeding believe that this do not be ash yeah I I fertilize that's almost up of fruiting it is two weeks before the remove fruit that is until the I do fruiting all field completely cease to to watermelons were sugar and crack therefore questions
  • 02:31: how many watermelons fruit leaves whip but look here's one my melon and I struck up here 2 ensued melon more than two ordinary napleti not leave that is 12 too asked how distinguished women from the male flower Now female flower I it within two days self pollinated So he goes immediately to the small ovary but the male flower you can see it is just
  • 03:01: on feet I plucked the men flower cut short petals in the morning clock here over two days I applied to female flowers just now he bit bolt envy began to grow likely pollination It went well though at me and a lot of bees in greenhouse, but I try still manually populyat watermelons because women colors not so much on Actually that's for In order to be confident that
  • 03:31: pollination took place I always walk hand it is not difficult at the actually it is from school many need to know and here's what to do that's left 2 as a fetal ensued now on shape our Now you can whip retain 5 sheets of the above fruit and prischipnut crown and be sure to pinch necessary all side shoots they watermelons
  • 04:01: formed over a central stem that is, all the side They pinch out shoots tsa until the moment fruiting because that loves watermelon increase side stepchildren's probably and all I wanted speak care of after the suspension means As watermelons dinner will gain weight Of course twine can not stand and cut short for this I have here lay board that is
  • 04:31: if you got into a watermelon I have higher than from board level I easy to stack board and I have watermelons are here as shelf I only occasionally I turn to the sun if I struck up here It can not be like this then I will take the grid I will lower the net and watermelon Now here's'll drop Turin rail feed and he will love these and maturing in the grid can be certainly lower whip on the ground when but it allows in place greenhouse themselves not always understand there is a place
  • 05:01: lower the whip here in Basically all such the nuances of which I I wanted to tell you of watermelon because questions to Ask lots of I think culture simple thing choose the right varieties it should be early varieties to they could cause our band or Super Anime Care about like cucumbers but there is simply small to see such small their and all the nuances nothing else
  • 05:31: difficult not garter belt did not get to Markets not so that the forming If you like my current video I will be glad to put huskies and subscribe to my channel fruitful garden Temple was Tatiana all in all good all rich harvests all bye bye