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Cake the Monastic Log hut (Very Tasty and Beautiful) \/ Cake about Cherry\/Cherry Cake\/idle time the Recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Tasha Parkhomenko this is my cooking channel today we together with you
  • 00:30: prepare cake monastic hut and to the point all and known blocks and rich each has its own recipes to get your nuances preparations their tricks, here I am I decided with you share their recipe preparation of this wonderful cake I hope my recipe you enjoy and you will prepare with me Well Well remove these marks preparation for monastery huts and Dough name we you take
  • 01:00: buy 4 cups flour 300 grams homemade fat 200 grams of sour cream butter margarine salt to taste west tyga vanilla sugar half cup sugar 1 teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon vinegar for one Way kilogram of cherry Jam can take defrosted cherries or more than light walnuts for cream 1 liter of home greasy cream 200 grams of powdered sugar 200 grams of butter oils
  • 01:30: as we need walnuts for decoration in general difficulty we It will need 300 grams walnuts Well to begin we start with you prepare dough our dough First, I took He did not margarine room the temperature here is a Now here's a little To this was added vanilla sugar sugar is well
  • 02:00: a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of baking soda also we will put out vinegar Now fork
  • 02:30: well all our frays mask I shuffled all Now a lot of little by little we will add flour and well stir flour update better little to no overdo Prescription 4 cups flour but we here so little by little we will we need to add knead stiff dough I thoroughly knead
  • 03:00: dough here is it get me thick that here the same this time myagenkaya Witte and does not stick quite a circle and now we need to divide it into 15 equal parts we did so little Roll out the divide in two tails cut off it We've got part 1 Now each part
  • 03:31: case 7. I divide the dough into 15 equal pieces He said they are here Now take the balls food and film Cover with food balls of film test we send fridge
  • 04:01: about one o'clock until our the dough in the refrigerator we'll prepare Creams better prepare this stage, since for monastic hut such a need such a thick cream which will be drain we are here it will prepare placing the fridge and he'll good grab and will only the distance that we need to look I took the cream butter necessarily room temperature and humidity so that's see soft feed Finance now to
  • 04:32: our oil add 100 grams sugar and now good We will whip it up this pomp butter I whipped but see and such a Pyshnenko until we became his Now set aside I take the cream one liter of home
  • 05:03: Such is zhirnenky yellow gas to methane pour it remaining 100 grams icing sugar sweetness, you can adjusted for your liking if you It is not much sweet you can add sugar powder and now we whisk whisk I'm knocking off a whisk so as home sour cream she quickly whipped mixer there is a second 2 and Hawk have It becomes oil quietly attack will beat down whisk until thickens
  • 05:33: I've whipped cream wedding and I started to fine-tuning old we stand sour cream we add to the butter Now whisk good like this Now stir here Such are the movements top down not much beating will make our
  • 06:03: sour cream finally It turned into oil that's so cute mix It captures our bass I shuffled cream Now with this oil in We had a cream Here is such a dense Now we send it in the refrigerator to he's a little bit I grabbed become even thicken cream we are We have prepared
  • 06:34: now we can do walnuts nuts take the nuts and chop the light on here Such are no Gabe point I grind all nuts poured them Now pan We send them to plate so that they we well dry and little so I fry Sauté for nuts
  • 07:04: state of goofy light golden color interspersed in and a plate in front using they must be fully I cool the dough already delivered in 1:00 refrigerator nuts have cooled down Cherry jam divided with the song 15 just such piles instead of private jam we can take a fresh cherry or defrosted cherries Now we are going to form their a log for our monastic hut work surface little prisypem
  • 07:34: flour to me it was convenient shape a log to avoid I have all the videos cut out here a bug stencil paper a4 size 30 it 7 Now centimeters see how it I easily do I do is the output of the sausage one of our ball I formed and he
  • 08:04: such a sausage and now look at our sheet we do here so that's zagotovochku take rolling pin smazhem too flour and here and so we will roll you our dough stencil Here is such a me
  • 08:36: turned piece Now we take and just like this here turn over and We remove our stencil Sighet and stick so here is a knife and a little fall the announcement of new well and here we have this came here such zagotovochka our Now the nest take the jam his tank decompose
  • 09:06: In our button here's the right I specifically take here so just divide all 15 times better than that I evenly enough for all a log because It happened so first is you can just great jam on the past
  • 09:36: ducky very straight sex it enough Now take the nuts little prisypem hanged nuts you can add to taste can never or add me really like it with here toasted nuts and obedient I poured my tails and Now here and so shook our bedplate a little bit here and so tightens test and now here we are
  • 10:16: take protection and now this here and so we and that's just such a way we are forming all of our 15 bridge I have formed the first party brevnyshek
  • 10:46: Now we send them bake in previously Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius but we will bake this golden color I have baked All 15 brevnyshek yet they've still Such are the warmest now I'm their little I straighten one and on the other hand hand like this ready I trimmed all
  • 11:25: a log now they We must fully cool for a log monastic hut I have good cooled important to they are well shame if they are looking for a little warm as we have in the cream when there is a weight we will be their weight your weight once a and the cream will fade under ugly face You get thick Here is such a cream such what we need Now I see laid out to start 5 black will be a niche slept
  • 11:55: for such a system, the five four three, two and one this point we cool toy Now these five thunder we lower abundantly smazhem our cream I liberally lubricated cream 5 rovings Now watch Pinar 20 we put or light-headedness
  • 12:25: Now their opening theme too smazhem cream Now we are put three brovnyshka
  • 12:55: on here these here junction and just as we smazhem and then ruling I drunk a log I folded the whole hut left us last and a log Now we are left cream opening of all grease All our cabin I He missed a good cream cake look so we have a
  • 13:26: nice to get ready now we have a high sprinkle with remaining fried cake nuts Cake I abundantly sprinkled walnuts nuts Now we send it in the refrigerator him to us well soaked cake monastic hut
  • 13:57: Easy overnight in the fridge well I soaked it already before serve it to the table you remove without refrigerator let him just put get yourself to slightly warmed up here so we turned beautiful and quiet beauty turned such a large nuts and so beautifully decorated Now let see how we turned within we have this
  • 14:45: It happened to you Beauty is such a shortcrust pastry tart cherry and such a sour gentle cream is very tasty and very such a beautiful pretty boy we turned to you I hope you like this recipe and you sure it cook and you Natasha was Parkhomenko look my channel sign up put the huskies and I will please you with new and delicious recipes tips Bon Appetit and
  • 15:15: until we meet again