Irina Egorova

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Improbable yum-yum to tea from anything in 2 minutes. You Will be shocked!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today cooking chocolate instant pasta cooking get a very not tasty and inexpensive have anything to cook and preparing instantly perfect for Breakfast can also be use for decorating cakes cakes or as filling for eclairs suitable bowl pour milk necessarily room temperature otherwise can not turn icing sugar add a little vanillin and mix add sugar powdered milk adding vegetable oil
  • 00:30: room temperature cooking We need submersible blender omit blender and whisk on high speed until thickening thicken It begins immediately important to the oil and milk was room temperature of the mass thickens add cocoa powder dry milk, beat again blender weight It becomes even thicker nutella has
  • 01:03: prepared at the request of can add chopped nuts in me today walnuts all good peremeshaem blender Nuts can not will also add delicious chocolate paste ready in my post still warm but when to cool it It becomes even thicker can begin immediately drink tea and you can put in the refrigerator and leave to mature day of fasting Infusions and will even tastier subscribe to my write channel Insert comments Huskies look my
  • 01:34: I wish more videos Bon Appetit and Have a good mood