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Reducer of Tomasetto AT07 75 of kW of 100 h.p., TOMASETTO ACHILLE, GAZZONE online store  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my Name Is Victor today want hold a brief gear review second generation gazoballonnogo equipment tomasetto you 07 gearboxes data Vitaly made intended for work on cars engine power to 100 horsepower Here is the pack of n 07 in the box plotted data producer where he produced and specific data let's model
  • 00:30: see what is completed there acetate and 07 most elements of the reducer strap mount bolts and nuts and washers also on the passport the gearbox which entered serial number which is on end of reducer main Structure gear elements This gas inlet and a
  • 01:00: this cover there is a filter coarse Next is the valve gas e gas outlet coil It is here and also has a fitting input for connection coolant and there are also two screws adjustments here It is screw adjustment idle and here the so-called screw sensitivity gear now Figures gas input we
  • 01:31: created for tube 6 millimeters gas output designed by gas hose diameter 19 then millimeters solo fitting designed for the solo hoses diameter 16 millimeters in the operation in reducer tomasetto c 07 every 10000 It needs to change coarse filtering device which is under this cover filter looks the original
  • 02:04: performance like this, he It has two sealing one of rings that green reducer 307 colors is an repairability Here is the original and full Kit tomasetto here is everything all membrane sealing ring and is filter element and cover elements fasteners we conducted a brief Overview of the gearhead tomasetto 107 if you still have ask them questions comments on them, we We answer all until