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Snack which is swept away in seconds! TARTLETS with Red fish and Caviar  See details »



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  • 00:00: today show how beautifully decorate tartlets red fish and caviar preparing these tartlets very fast and turns very effective and delicious and their prepare us It will need 50 grams butter 100 Red gram of salt Egg 150 g salt red fish sand tarts and fillet lettuce red salted fish cut into strips butter room temperature stir up
  • 00:30: uniformity and we shift in cooking bag with small nozzle An asterisk in the already sand ready tartlet put small piece lettuce leaf striped red fish turn off a rose and put in a tartlet opposite salad half a teaspoon red salty caviar put in the center tartlets with two side of the fish and
  • 01:02: otsazhivayut small flowers from butter here are beautiful and such very tasty turned such tartlets appetizer never delayed by holiday table if you like this option decoration tartlets be sure Like put subscribe to my channel home and prepare do not forget to click on the bell to be aware of exit all new video new video released tomorrow you had Oksana Pashko cook
  • 01:30: new video released tomorrow you had Oksana Pashko cook delicious cook with pleasure
  • 01:33: delicious cook with pleasure