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Sphere from napkins!) The first hand-made article on the channel!))) - YouTube

Sphere from napkins!) The first hand-made article on the channel!))) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today we will do decorative ball and napkins for we need three-ply napkins scissors clip With it, we will 5 loops, you can also use that anything like a thread or copper wire 3 without using group
  • 00:30: but you can use totally there any and most importantly to the Turks and fell off the most the most important thing is we the use Styrofoam ball if you have no such you can it make such newspaper went to we create a flower 3 need not the number It becomes children We invest and how It is shown in the video, and fastening twice
  • 01:00: We are doing so we've got here people and do the same even second Only here It is obtained as Kristinka or plus sign, and a visit to the and so it called from us now we got take scissors and cut the circle I'm all repeated
  • 01:34: flyer They cut a circle should not take Again with scissors intelligence so little he I'm waiting for bows so we pour until the end
  • 02:10: what we everything turned out be so not finished and now and now we have to disconnect from all our napkins on one layer do it very carefully because of this already depends on how the look our flower but still I want to say where wave is there so sensitive front there back
  • 02:40: Here is a reverse side where we fixed clip and see their tips and flat or fluffs our floret and about when we get to the middle you can already do elaboration disconnecting on two or three of the napkins I already about the beginning do And yet we, I want you to do
  • 03:11: supporting this Unit is that every time here and so presses that it has a circular form was more beautiful here and so we and do and so do you keep all the This is what happens very easy if you I might take it eat it or else something but of course if
  • 03:41: in July, the dough is still possible So we try almost completed the our flower and now we do last finishing touches to the destroyed if you reverse side and get Militia you You can just take one layer and that of arma you voice rovnenko you this perfect Related received surround step years
  • 04:11: suddenly you We get some then such things Plan you can move if you can not lunch is all your imagination is the the case for a cross and that wipes Well we do for all ready stew meadows Antonia majorca work is even though we here our flower is already possible say what
  • 04:41: I convey our cooking ball so that we able to buy thing porsche take dragon glue colors reversed side little absolutely glue game sales plan horses on take a step then you Can traffic congestion and Well I do not know violin can start
  • 05:13: take in the end, too, it can be now I'm a little bit will be we were stuck here so tired Now as our hundreds perekleit right hook We take a strong clip and we We attach our dream
  • 05:45: Well Well the wife of our ball I am almost ready car market was clinics have a single flower we get here such a beautiful step you hang it on gazebo if you have to it has a courtyard Other holidays even you fly okinula ponadelali and can be stolen I add some genes and not something else or on the day of birth can even the story
  • 06:15: water and was video came so you liked videos put the huskies subscribe to channel all good luck all till