Barrel - a bed, we plant cucumbers in a barrel  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:07: bed barrel the whole chain of type I really like this way of planting firstly it takes it is very little space valuable if you have little ground and in the second very original looks to such I personally and Pumbaa Third convenient care and collect crop use
  • 00:31: old came to disrepair barrels metal and wood and others capacity is not tall a meter meter Twenty-up spring half fill them leafy tops and all the land well rammed by center of the barrel set or 5 liter liter bottle and spo2 it depends on you diameter container is we plant a bulb
  • 01:01: pierce on circle near the bottom middle and closer neck the space between the wall of the barrel and bottle fill fertile ground hurry bus organic and mineral fertilizers to the top Ballore land spill hot water and about the perimeter of the container planted in depth half two centimeter germinated seeds cucumbers or
  • 01:30: grown seedlings empty of children real leaves Cover container transparent film creating a microclimate and protection frost when bypassed frost film and remove the edges capacity wash down pins or shelves to fasten it splits and the other end We cling to installed near pole or branch tree if the barrel standing under trees
  • 02:01: Cucumbers grow on these trellis cucumbers special demanding to soil moisture and air there the need for frequent irrigation opening cylinders fill with water after then close again Cover the water evaporated it turns drip irrigation of the root system and we collect great harvest cucumbers good luck to you if you
  • 02:32: love room plants you have a vegetable garden and forest join our channel we will reveal to you all secrets [music]